Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pottery HD - An Addictive Simulations

Date: June 19, 2011

This is an addictive iPad game. It is a simulation of a pottery work. What you do is to keep on creating pottery to sell your work in an auction, or you create the pottery for people who wants you to imitate a certain design. Create the pottery as close to the photo, and you will get rewarded.

OK, if you are a real potter, you will know how to create a pottery. If you are a mature, it will take times for you to create the shape you want.

You simple use one finger to pull up push down, make it thin or fat, etc etc.

It all depend on your creativity. Like what I made here...

After you are satisfy with the shape, you fired the pottery in the furnace.

Then, depends on what pattern you have bought, you can design the vase into whatever pattern you want.

Next will be the coloring process.

Once you are finished, then, you get ready the vase and sell it.

For this example, I manage to sell it at $201 for the vase. Not too bad...

Another of my vase selling at higher price.

From time to time there will be email sent to you to ask for your work and help to reproduce some historical vase.

If you success in selling it, they will reward you.

So that you got many to buy more colors, more patterns, etc.

It is very fun and addictive. It opens up your brain and make you more creativity.

Have fun!

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