Monday, May 4, 2015

How to Install Apps on MiBox Mini 小米小盒子 from Xiaomi

Date:  May 4, 2015

Updates:  You cannot use this method to install App anymore.  Please see here.

“May the 4th be with you!"

Today, let’s learn how to install 3rd parties apps onto the Mibox Mini.

Screen Shot 2015 05 04 at 9 26 14 pm

First, what is Mibox Mini?

This is Mibox Mini.

IMG 1989

It is that small.  Sometimes, it is better than the FireTV Mini.  Simply plug the Mi Box mini into the electrical outlet and plug in the HDMI cable.

Screen Shot 2015 05 04 at 9 26 55 pm

The packaging is very compact.  Nice.

IMG 1990

The foot print is very small.  It is like a adapter.

IMG 2040

But it stream shows and movies onto your TV.  It is good and light to carry around when you travel.

IMG 2041

Check this out.  The new WHITE COLOR remote control.

And it is a bluetooth remote control.

IMG 1991

Just in case that you lost the bluetooth signal.  You can pair the bluetooth remote control by pressing the Home button and the Menu button and hold it for few seconds until you hear the beep sound.  You have to hold the remote very near to the Mi Box mini.

Screen Shot 2015 05 04 at 9 35 53 pm

Ok.  There is only one interface on the Mi Box mini.  That is the HDMI port.  There is NO USB port.

So, with NO USB port, how do you install the third party applications?

Very easy.

1.  First, launch your Mi Box mini as per normal.  Setup the WiFi.

2.  Next, you go into the Mi Box setting.

IMG 1993

3.  Then, you select the Account & Security Safety option.

IMG 1994

4.  You have to select YES/ALLOW to install applications from unknown source.  (The First line option)

IMG 1995

5.  Select Allow.

IMG 1996

6.  Next, You need to allow ADB to be turned on.

IMG 1998

7.  Select ADB developers option by allowing it.

IMG 1997

8.  Press the HOME BUTTON.  Go back to the Xiao Mi Box UI page.

9.  Go and select the Applications Store.

IMG 1999

10.  Under the Account menu.

IMG 2001

11.  Select Fast Installation.

IMG 2002

12.  Then, this page will be displayed.

IMG 2003

13.  You need this URL address for next step.

IMG 2004

14.  Go to a web browser, and type the URL given from last page.

IMG 2005

15.  This is the remote installation page.  Simply drag the Apps into that box below, and the application will be installed on the Mi Box mini.

IMG 2006

16.  Goto to download the Shafa Application Store.

Screen Shot 2015 05 04 at 9 52 38 pm

17.  Drag the APK file.

IMG 2010

18.  Drop the Shafa app inside the box.

IMG 2011  1

19.  Few seconds later, the application is successfully installed.  Click “Install other APK” to continue upload APK files.

IMG 2013

20.  I just installed two APKs.  The Cartoon HD and the Shafa Butler/Apps Store.

IMG 2014

21.  Then, you have choices, if you already have tons of APK on your computer, simply use the same method to install the APK.  The benefit of doing so is you not need to say “YES” to the annoying installation dialog.

IMG 2016

22.  Or, if you want, just install the rest of the APK from the Shafa Apps Store.

 IMG 2017

I told you is easy.

This Mi Box mini is selling for RMB 199 in China.  It is about $50-$60 in China.

I think it is a very light and good carry companion to overseas.


  1. Hi,

    Do you have any apps like cartoon HD with english subtitle, some of the china apps server are down, unable to play anything, i want movie and tvseries with englishsubtitle, thanks alot for your help, u been great, been following ur blog~

  2. with the latest 1.3.83, the apk on cant be installed :(

    1. true there is no "fast installation" in 1.3.83, but there is still a way to install apk from network share folder through Player. Here is the link on how it is done (with screenshots):

    2. the shafa app itself can be installed. its the other apps under the TV suite like youku that can't be installed

    3. this system does not work anymore ;-(

  3. i will try it today and i will inform you about the seems so difficult for me!

  4. it's possible on firmware 1.3.87 or 1.3.94 ? if yes, how to do that ? i don't find anything

  5. I'm using 1.3.72, even upgraded to 1.3.94 also unable to project youtube in ipad to mibox-mini. any setting or workaround?

  6. Hello I have the firmaware 1.3.94, can not I access the folders, there is a solution? Thank you

  7. hi i update my mi box and after update my Fast Installation went missing, any solution?

    1. any progress with your fast instalation page?mine still missing, and i can't find it from the first time i bought this product..

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. hi, i encountered error code "104" while trying to play the movies or apps. Do you know what happen?

  10. Hi, may i know which website to find APK? i interested in looking for religious channel

  11. Hi. I'm wondering how to pair my Bluetooth mouse to the xiaomi tvbox mini. Any advise? Thanks

  12. One password is asking in remote app,it is in Chinese,pls help

  13. I installed remote apps in mobile,one password is asking,pls help

  14. Great post!! I like this type of boat because it can be moved easily and it makes a great journey.
    Bluetooth balance board

  15. Hey I'm having problems with the device. I can only transfer images and multimedia files but the apk does not appear. Someone please help me!!

  16. anyone have any idea how to re pair the mouse. pair the mouse n mibox before but once unpair n want to pair back it cant pair.

  17. come on
    where to get the username and password ?

    im using macbook
    have no idea where to get the username nad password of the fucking network drive

  18. THANK YOU SO MUCH it worked with my mibox 2 maybe its an old version

  19. Android TV Box is better. Install IPTV in ur setop box and load list m3u to watch free tv
    BBC, sky movies, abc
    Euro 2016 IPTV

  20. Hi i want to update myTV App on xiaomi mini box but do not know how because it has not have mouse to click on the Chrome acceptance box prior to get the update done

  21. anyone please help how can i use the mouse on the Xiaomi Mini ? it only has the HDMI connection, nothing else even no USB input at all ?

  22. i'm using mini mi box tv, and i can't find the fast instalation menu anywhere,anyone can help?

  23. Recently, my friend bought a Xiaomi Mini TV Box, in the settings option, there's no ADM testing option to be allowed and there's no Apps Store option too, thus, I can only follow your instructions till step 5 above. Any help please?

  24. im looking for some help as well i can follow cause the menus are different im running 1.423 any help to getting me to english

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  28. Thank you for sharing the instructions on using the TV box, but if I buy a TV box, I still don't know how to operate it.