Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Singapore Flyer - Again...

Date:  Jan 28, 2013

My wife have 4x charity tickets which is going to expire on Jan 31, 2013.  So, we better find time to go.  

So, we went on a Monday evening.


The kids still love going in there.  There are things that they can learn too.  Our last visit I think is more than a year ago.  So, Kay Kay should be the one that gain more knowledge on that day.


We are going back up again.  I think this is the 6th or 7th time we sat in it.


Nope.  We are not sitting in the VVIP place.  We are not going to have dinner in the Singapore Flyer too.  Because they "don't like" children.  They actually do not allow children on their dining experience.


We brought our binoculars along.

IMG 6548

Row row row your boat.


This is not his first time.  But the experience is definitely different when he is in N1.


Wow… I can see very clearly...


The super trees...


Mommy, I also see the two dome of the Garden by the Bay.


The two domes.


They are building the stadium.


Kay Kay is very happy.


Which kid won't be happy to come up in the Singapore Flyer?? HaHa


The MBS top floor...


Great scenery.

IMG 6545

Panoramic view...

IMG 6552

Kay Kay, your binocular is up side down!!!!

IMG 6551

IMG 5168

Another Great Badminton Sunday!

Date:  Jan 27, 2013

After Taekwondo class, we always had a quick and nice lunch and then we head to Clementi Sport Hall to play badminton.  Jay Jay is in his third week since he first learn how to play the game.  So far, he is enjoying it.  


His buddy - Lukas has very good ball sense.  He can hit almost any shuttlecock head for him.


So, me and Riandy's daddy help to play with the kids.


Jay Jay tries to jump and return a shot.


From nothing to now can hit the shuttlecock, I think it is a good achievement.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/gllwZ9YR-sA

So, the more practice he has, the more confident he shall be when hitting the shuttlecock.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/WbQqSN37H8Y

Well, of course, the great thing is while the kids resting, taking break, drinking water, the parents can play for a while.  Although it is just a short 15-20min, it is great workout.  I actually feel quite exhausted after returning the shots from Riandy's daddy.  Wow.. Indonesian player very powerful la.  hahahaha

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/16dBbAIU6e8

Another buddy of theirs - Conrad join in the fun.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/YtEIuAmbrII

So, badminton is now one of the family sport.  :)


IMG 5168

Jay Jay Violin Progress

Date:  Jan 29, 2013

I really love the following photos about Jay Jay practising Violin.


It shows how he focus in delivering the music.


It shows some determinations.


It shows focus.


And I am really glad that Jay Jay chose to learn this, and keep up the good work of learning it.  


 I don't expect him to deliver the music that perfect.  But the fact that he 

1) show strong interest

2) show focus in learning

3) concentrate in playing

I already very happy with this achievement.  I don't need him to take test or to pass grades, but the fact that he can pick this up as a hobby, I already very happy with his decisions on this.  

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/yrtnhn3fQ3c

Well done my son!

A New Gadget - Tuscani Water Jet

Date:  Jan 29, 2013

I used a lot of Grohe products especially for shower head.  But sometimes, Grohe really cannot do the work.  So, I end up searching for a good shower head for myself.

So, I came across this brand front he Hardware store.  Tuscani made from Italy.

IMG 6470

I bought the Rombusto R6180 series.  I think this toy is less than S$70.  Compare to Grohe price, it is cheaper by I think 4-5 times.  My problem with Grohe is the shower head is simply "too heavy".  I need to constantly tighten the holder spring in order to hold the Grohe shower head.  So, I fed up with it, and I found this Tuscani shower head.  The packaging does looks very cheap.

IMG 6471

It has 5 different jets.  It has the Saturating, Saturating + Jet, Saturating + Mist, Mist and Jet.  It is a combinations of jets, mist and saturating which control the water pressure by ball bearing insides.  

IMG 6469

Not sure what does the Water Flow against Pressure means, but I used it, and I found that the water pressure is much better than the Grohe one.

IMG 6474

My wife complaint that it is very small, only 9.5cm.  But the bigger it is, the smaller the water pressure.  So, I need hot water to come out from the jet very strong.  I cannot stand small water pressure.

IMG 6473

The shower head looks like this.

IMG 6475

You can tell the water pressure is quite strong after going thru the shower head.

IMG 6476

Then, you turn on the jet in the centre and it gives you some massage function.

IMG 6477

Or you can turn the full jet on to wash your legs.  HaHaHa

IMG 6478

All the 5 functions are in this video clip.  It is quite cool.  It is cheap and good.  And the water pressure came out from the shower head is acceptable.  So, if you want to look for good shower head, this could be it.  Happy Shopping!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/Tm5aBx3Z9-E

Monday, January 28, 2013

Kay Kay & Piano

Date:  Jan 26, 2013

Who is sitting in front of the piano???

IMG 6504

OK.  Who said that peer competition is nothing??

One fine day, this kid (Kay Kay) came back from school and ask mommy, "Why you never sent me to learn Piano.  I want to learn Piano."

We were like "HUH?  WHY?"

Our home has no piano.  There is no music gene in either my wife or myself.  So, why Kay Kay wants to learn Piano???

Kay Kay: "Because Noah Lee got learn."

Mommy: "OK… Are you sure?"

Kay Kay: "Nidal also learn piano."

This is purely peer competition and peer pressure.  But we like it. 

Jay Jay wants to learn a lot of things by his own will.  We were afraid and worry about Kay Kay as he has not shown any sign of interest beside the Art Boot Camp.  When we asked if he likes swimming? No.  Taekwondo? Nope.  Violin?  No.  Badminton?  No.  Football?  Nope.  Tennis?  Nope.  Some how this kids just refuse to have interest in these activities.

So, if Kay Kay ask for it, his wish is our command.  HaHaHaHaHaHa


So, on Sunday, same time slot with his koko, we got him a Piano teacher.  Mr. Yong Kai Lin.


What an coincident, teacher Kai Lin, also have a "Kai" in his name.  So, Kai teaches Kai (Liew Sin Kai), should have not problem la.


The first lesson is to be able to find all the 8 keys.  Kay Kay at first shown huge resistant in this class.  May be the teacher has no hair and he is a bit of afraid?  HaHaHaHaHa… We have to negotiate with 3x sweets, 1 hour of iPad education game (while waiting for koko later at Taekwondo).  Then, he has no problem learning.  He takes about 20min to warm up.  

And he found the last C key.

IMG 6501

High Five!

This Kai Lin lao-shi actually has an impressive resume, and can see that he is totally a music guy.  He can teach piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, etc.  He study in some music school in Vienna, and has been in US for 9 years playing musics, etc.  Now part time in the art music school opposite Rendevous hotel, and here.  So, I think he will be a good teacher for Kay Kay.  We learned at Elite Music @ Sultan Plaza.

One more thing… he can speak Mandarin, so, we think it is good to have him speak mandarin so that to increase mandarin exposure beside school.

IMG 6502

Next, he will have to find the C & D & E key which is Do-Re-Mi.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/cgtYve5utHU

And Kay Kay loves playing games in the Piano lesson.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/IT2BTM7ouo0

 So, I think Kay Kay start having some interest in Piano, so, let's make it a routine.  So, we will have to move the Art Boot Camp class.  May be move to Saturday or later in Sunday afternoon.  

IMG 6503

As for Jay Jay, he still hang on to his Violin.  As soon as he can pick up and read the music notes, long short playing without error, will make him take test.  hahaha


But I love him playing … free music mah.  hahaha


So, if Kay Kay learning piano, he must have a piano at home.  Before we really commit to buy a piano for him, let's make him play on this "SEPARABLE Folding Silicone Piano".  I went to Canton Fair last year, and I saw this quite nice, so, I bought it.  It is not cheap for China standard, but it is new and never saw it before, so, I thought one day it might have some use.  At first I thought of giving it to my mother in law, as she play piano.

IMG 6531

And now, I have to let Kay Kay use it.  So, before we get a new piano for Kay, let's use this and it is a full size piano, I think.  

IMG 6532

It is a functional piano.  And it is good enough for young kids like Kay Kay.  I am so glad that I bought this in my last trip to China.  Otherwise, I will be headache on where to get a piano for Kay Kay.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/z2HrkVYDGdI

IMG 5168