Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jay Jay Home Work

Date:  July 31, 2012

This week, Jay Jay has to present "One of the the food that is good for health".

IMG 9511

I printed out a lot of food photo and let him choose.  Hmmmm…. Steak.. no… Clam, Mussels?  nope…. 

and Finally, he chosen Home Made Chocolate Ice Cream.

IMG 9514

So, I am surprise that Jay Jay's Chinese righting is much better than before.  Although it is not the best, but at least he can write a bit.

So, what is so good about Home Made Chocolate Ice Cream?

1.  It's home made.  So, mommy don't have to put in so much sugar, so it is less sweet and thus less chance to get cavity.  (hahaha like that also can)

2.  Look at the ingredient.  Chocolate.  It is good for your heart.  can lower down blood pressure.  A simple search on google will tell you this.

3.  Again, milk is the ingredient.  Got calcium good for your bones.

4.  But of course, you cannot eat too much.  Eat a little a day, will improve your health.

I Hate Dentist Appointment

Date:  Jul 31, 2012

I cracked my big tooth the other day while eating a crispy fried won ton.

Then I found out it is not my tooth, it is the ceramic crown that I had on my implant.  Heng ah!  I am not old yet!  This is the old x-ray, and it was the second bottom from the left.  The one with the screw.  The crown just split into half.

IMG 9509

So, now I will need to remove the remaining ceramic crowns and replace it with a new one.

I hate to do maintenance work on the lower row of my teeth as I need to widely open my mouth for a long time, and I have to practically lie down flat, and the water will keep spraying onto my face.  I have to wear a goggles for that.

5.5 hours Before Primary One Registration

Date: July 31, 2012

Today is the day.

A quick analyze show that we are in a very difficult position.

Nan Hua has only 16 spots and already first day got 38 people balloting. It's going to need tough luck!

The other alternative is Qifa already have 66.4% place filled in.

Third choice Clementi Primary School also have 71.4% place filled in.

Wow! Tough decision here. We need a lot of luck indeed!

If we failed balloting for Nan Hua, I expected another balloting for the near by schools. Possibly will lost chances to get in to near by schools.

According to my Feng Shui calendar, the best balloting date is today for the dog sign (me and Jay Jay). And the best red hot lucky hours are 11am to 3pm window. So going there 2:30pm later.

And yes. We need to give Jay Jay this chance to ballot for a primary school he wanted to go in.

If we choose Qifa or Clementi, he will not even been given a fighting chance. So we knew we cannot do that to Jay Jay. He must be given this only chance, balloting in 2C.

I strongly belief that every kid has his/her purpose of coming into this world. Every destiny has been pre-programmed. Every outcome is fixed. But we do not know this, so we have to give him all the opportunities he can have.

So I decided to give Jay Jay this chance. When he grew up many years later and happen to have a chance to read this blog entry. He will know that he was given this chance to ballot. And we fought a nice battle in this balloting.

No matter what is the outcome next week, his destiny will be revealed and he will live happily after with whatever outcome.

May the force be with Jay Jay! Good luck in balloting!


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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Old Liao (人老咯!)

Date: July 29, 2012

When do you know you are getting older?

How about your tooth start to broken down? One of my big tooth broke into half today.

Or how about you start to have slight problem reading books, restaurant menu, and small fonts?

Haiz... This is my first pair of progressive lenses.

I am using a Hoya lenses, which is 1.74 index, one of the thinnest in the market and yet gives three layers of reading comfort. Near sight, computer sight and far sight. And really it is amazing! You can't tell by looking at the lenses. But it actually allow you to see far, see computer screen and read near and small fonts.

人老咯! Not to mention the extra longer time to recover when you had a small simple flu. Haiz...

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family Hair Cut @ July

Date: July 28, 2012 Look! Who is happy with his hair cut?

It's hair cut time. And this time Kay Kay has finally grew up and not cry and move here and there any more...

YouTube Video

But he still need to sit on my lap and play his favorite iPad. YouTube Video

And he is happy with his hair cut too!

Of course Jay Jay is as usual very cool cutting his hair.

Of course Jay has his own show to watch!

Good Job! Kay!

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Clementi 缩水叉烧包 Shrinking Pao

Date: Jul 28, 2012

I think we have been eating this Char Siew Pao from Clementi Central For many years.

I remember the price for each Char Siew Pao is 60 cents. It was quite big back then.

Today, the Char Siew Pao price is 80 cents. And the size has shrunk by almost half.

That is compare to my palm size. It becomes so small and I can swallow it one mouthful.

This is an obvious indication of inflation? Hahaha

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good Luck, Jay Jay!

Date:  July 25, 2012


JAY JAY! 加油!

(Hope you LIKE this blog entry)


When me and my wife were lucky enough to escape the Great 2004 Tsunami where our tourist boat were just reaching Maya Bay, just behind Phi Phi Island and the Monkey Beach... 8am+ on Dec 26, 2004.

We told ourselves that we got to start making baby.  It is not right to even have thoughts not to have baby for so many years.  We were lucky to have Jay Jay born on Oct 8, 2006.

Hmmm... oh Ya... Jay Jay is 6 years old this year.  And time flies....

What do you know... It is time for us to register Jay Jay for Primary One.

And where do we stay?  We stayed at Park West for almost 10 plus years.

It is just opposite Nan Hua Primary School.

Every day when we drove past Nan Hua Primary School, Jay Jay always says "This is my school!"

Hmmm.... it is walking distance to the school.  It is so convenient.

BUT... according to MOE...

Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 8.12.27 PM.png

Even in Phase 2B, there are more than 30 plus people qualify for it.  But only 28 people to ballot for 16 spaces because they are within 1KM range.  So, you can expect there are about 16 people overflow from phase 2B going to ballot again in Phase 2C.  And I am sure that Phase 2C has a lot of qualify students stays within 1KM too.

We have apply 4 times to be volunteers during the last 3 years.  But our skill sets are not suitable for Nan Hua.  According to their head master at that time.

So, what can we do next?

Nothing much I guess.  We bought a lot of good lucky charms from Japan.  Let's use them.. (Superstitious, but let's depend on it for now.)

Jay Jay needs a lot a lot of luck in this Phase 2C registration.

Good luck Jay Jay.  Hope the froggy from Kinkakuchi Temple can help you.


Good Luck Jay Jay!  Hope the color pencil spirit can give you all the luck you need to go into a school near by, so that you dont have to walk so far.


Good Luck Jay Jay!  Hope all the bad luck is removed on the day of July 30-Aug1 registration for Phase 2C.


Good Luck Jay Jay!  Believe in what we always believe.  Be the person of what the person we always want to be.  And this good luck school charm will help you!


Good Luck Jay Jay!  Born on the Dog year.  May the Ginkakuchi Dog charm gives you the best luckever for you!


Good Luck Jay Jay!  May the lucky school bag helps you to get into Nan Hua.


Good LuckJay Jay!  May the dog power to help you to open up all the luck you need for the ballot.


Good Luck Jay Jay!

May the force be with you!

Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 8.15.40 PM.png

And don't worry, even if the luck is not with you this time.... there is always a Qifa Primary School just opposite our home.  But that is the second choice.  :)  It is still within 1KM too.



Sunday, July 22, 2012

STF Grading Coming Up

Date:  July 22, 2012

Jay Jay has shown a very surprisingly high interest in learning Tae Kwon Do.


After attending 8 weeks of training... He is now ready to take the grading test, approved by principal Santos.


There will be two days of grading by the school as well as the STF on Aug 4 & 5.  Next week will be the last class before he is being graded.


He is so happy, and took his first passport photo from a photo machine today.  He submitted his photo to the TKD school for the grading registration.


Hope he can keep up the same pace and pass the grade.  White Yellow Tick here Jay Jay comes!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saga Seeds (相思豆)

Date:  July 21, 2012
One day, there was a heavy storm.
Next day, one of the Saga Tree branches was lying on the ground.  Near Lorna Whiston Pre-School.
Uncle from Lorna Whiston informed us, whether we want to pick up the Saga seeds or not.  Otherwise, when the domestic workers walk the dogs, they will pick it up.
So, we brougt back a small brunch.
To tell you the truth, I had never seen a Saga Seeds tree before, nor I know how it looks like.  I only know it drops down to the ground, I picked it up.
The boys job today is to separate the saga seeds from the branches.
Kay Kay seems very focus picking the saga seeds.
Jay Jay also.


There are the saga seeds.


What are we going to do with it?  We don't know yet.  But we will think of something.

Myth Busters: Renewal of Singapore Permanent Residence Re-Entry Permit

Date:  July 20, 2012

Back in January, a group of friends were discussing about possible issues you will face when you renew your Re-Entry Permit in Singapore.  Some friends renewal were rejected because the ICA thinks that you should become a Singaporean instead of Singapore PR.

For my scenarios, I am the only Malaysian in the family now, as my wife and my sons are all converted to Singaporean.  So, one of the fear is when I renew my re-entry permit, I might face with some difficulties.


on July 17, I realized that I almost forgot to renew it as my permit will expired in August.  I got slightly more than a month to do so.

There are a few links displayed.  On top of the search list, is the general "Manual" procedure.  Which I do not recommend any one to use it.  It takes 5 days to approve.  And you need to print out the forms and submit the formt to ICA.

Look for the ELECTRONIC RE-ENTRY PERMIT (which is not the top search list)

Use your SingPass to log in, and then fill in your passport details, personal details, and then, I used American Express to pay the $50 for 5 years.


And I click the Submit button.  Few seconds later... The web site says "Your re-entry permit has been approved!"

It is that easy!

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 9.29.35 AM.png

So, I really don't know to some of the friends why they got their PR rejected and ICA insisted them to become Singaporeans, and so on.  But for my case, it is a less than 10 minutes job.  You don't even have to submit your passport.  So, the myth that ICA will try to make you Singaporean is not true.  As you can see from my example.  For some special case or reason, they may do that.  But for most of the people, it should be a very easy process of doing it.


My re-entry suppose to finished by Aug 24, but the new permit started from July 17.  That means, ICA eat up more than 37 days of of my last permit time.  hahahahahaha It does not matter la.


It said you need to print out the paper.  Which is A4 size.  and you need to bring this permit along whenever you travel.  Hmmmmmmm.... THis is a a bit strange.  Last time, they chop on your passport for this info.  Now, they ask you to print it out.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

National Day & Flag

Date:  July 17, 2012

On last Saturday, when I came back from KL.  I saw the Singapore Flags was haning outside my window.  National Day is coming!  Jay is very excited.  As we going to go for the reharsal on Aug 4, and we are going to stay in Marina Bay Sands for a night too.

I have walked around, and check.  In my condo area, we are the only one with the Singapore flag hanging out.  This is a very interesting things to think about.  There are about 400+ units here, and yet, the Singaporeans (my wife and sons) in my home has hang out the flag, and it seems they are the only one that does it.

So, today, I cycle at the Ulu Pandan jogging path, and I found only 2-3 flags in the condo there too.  Very interesting.

So, are these condos occupied by PRs?  Foreign Talents?  Interesting...

But along the AYE, there is this HDB, the whole block is full of flag.  Of course, thet one is put up by the community.

So, is it a must to hang the flag?  Is it out from your heart that you have the urge to hang the flag?  Or is it you see other people hanging it, you also want to hang it.  All these thoughts counts.

Funny thoughts running thru my mind today.  hahahaha


Of course, you see the flags up there, you see the flags down here hanging on the car side mirror.


Let's continue my cycle journey, along the Jalan Lempeng there, there is a small road, with all the landed properties.  All the house there hang their flags at the gate.  That is very patriotic.

I can see more flags along the landed properties houses.

Anyway, there are some things to think about what to do with the flag after you finish hanging it.  You cannot simply throw it into the dust bin.   When it is old and color fade, instead of throw it, you pass it to the community centre to help you dispose it.  They will properly dispose it for you.  Remember, you cannot throw the flag away.

Also, if you found the flag dirty, and you wash it, and you wish to hang it dry, you also cannot hang the flags on your hanging poles together with your cloths, and underwears... etc.  It is not polite thing to do.  It is no respect thing to do.  :)



I have done it! The Magic Puzzle Cube

Date:  July 15, 2012

Ok.  It is not exactly a puzzle, and there is no magic too.  It is purely based on luck and skills.  Jay Jay one night brought me the blue cube with all silver balls in the hole except one.  He asked for my help to finish it.  So, I did it.  Not easy but, after few minutes, the last silver ball finally goes in.


Then I took the easy one to play.  And I did that too.  :)  Jay says the red one was easy.


Singapore Garden Festival 2012

Date:  July 14, 2012

We went to the Singapore Garden Festival 2012 @ Suntec City.


Before you realize it, your kids have grown up and need to buy tickets for them if they are > 90cm.  hahaha


Jay Jay start to enjoy taking photos.


Jay Jay will request for all kinds of different shots.




Of course, my younger son also loves to take photos.


I don't know much about Flower Arts.  Seems like the more crazy things you do, the higer chance that your art work be selected.


The kailedoscope effect.


Some one vandalizing... Jay Jay!  Who draw on the igloo window?


Flowers bring peace.


Spotted a wierd guy with Oakly sport glasses and LKY back pack.  Hmmm....


This small bonsai is lovely, makes you think about its age.


This one too.


Jay in front of a flower train.


Kay eating his chocholate in the flower train.


Jay Jay sitting on a real railroad track.


Whenever there is playgroud, there is joy.


Whenever there is a "slope"... there is a run way for cars... hahaha


Whenever there is KoKo... There is Kay Kay...


A note... This year, the market price is only so-so.  Not much interesting things for me to see.  Only bought 2x water spays, a book.