Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween ...

Meet the Mr. Pumpkin Man 2008 (last year)...


Last year, we made a pumpkin man for Jay. However, we does not know the meaning of Halloween. We made a home movie to record down the special moment with Jay playing with the pumpkin man.

This year, he saw the Halloween home movie, and Jay asked mummy to buy a pumpkin for him just before the Halloween.

On Oct 31, the Mr. Pumpkin Man 2009 was born. Jay is very happy.


He was holding the pumpkin man to our balcony, and ask Mr. Pumpkin Man to guard our house tonight! He also asked the Pumpkin Man to guard our new home just across the block opposite.

So, making home video of special event is very important for young kids. It helps them recall their childhood. Jay can see the home movie again and again and remember all these details. When he watched the home movie, he will always "HaHaHaHaHaHaHa" very happy... a way to build memory...

Happy Halloween....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dejavu - CBG

Yesterday midnight, I was creating the "Product Recipe" for all the products I am handling.

Yesterday afternoon, I was talking to few business partners to establish long term partnerships.

A day before, I was writing a few business paper, anticipating the changes in market, preparing the weapons to be competitive in the market.

The midnight a day before, I am scratching my head on the new organization charts...

That day, I handled the customers complaints, settled the outstanding agreements, etc etc.

So much work needs to be done, so little time... and I was complaining why can't there be 48 hours in a day...

A week ago, I made the that decision.

All these events is just like a Dejavu! So, I pull out my photo album and found the following photos which marks an important era of my life. Lots of memories, lots of inspirations...


I recall the first Netball event. Every one is running hard on the ground, every one mingle around nicely, every one fits in nicely.


I was about getting used to all the birthday parties I had. We celebrate birthday for every one. and I always enjoy the food.


We have our first off-site @ Bintan. It was fun. A great BBQ. Every one squeeze in the big 3 room bungalow. It was a beer and liquer night. The games were fantastic!


At the dinner and dance. We all have fun. After the dinner and dance, we drink and drunk.


It's been 10 years. Every one has grown in their own respective careers. Some are doing much better too. Most importantly, we are still close to each other...

Now, back to the drawing board, let's create the version 2.0. Let's get prepared for the new era. Get more padawans, meet more friends, grow more ideas, and "Chiong Ah"!

May the force be with me! Chapter IV saga begins.


Monday, October 12, 2009

TV Shows - What am I watching now?

There isn't many show will excite me nowadays, but these are the shows I am following at the moment... watch it every week without fail...

1. Star Wars - The Clone Wars - Season 2 ... It's obvious that I am a Star Wars fan, therefore, I will always watch anything related to Star Wars... There is a story line, and many new characters will appear here...


2. Stargate Universe (SGU)... Ok, I like Stargate Atlantis, I did not watch all the original Stargate TV shows, but overall, I like the idea of going thru the Stargate + wormhole and reach the other world... It's a Sci-Fi show... But for this SGU, the story line is darker... and it is something like Battlestar Galactica, where there are more surveillance conflicts with the army, etc etc. Let's see how's the take up rate... The story is about a team of mix match of army, politicians, scientist got on board of a ancient space ship - Destiny that is traveling away from Earth, or the galaxy that earth is... and they have to jump to a planet during when Destiny are not jumping into hyperwarp....


3. The Big bang theory - Season 3 ... OK, I felt in love with the Big Bang Theory. It is a show for the geeks. If you are or you believe you are a geek, this is a show for you. It is also a show for the non-geeks, as you can always check whether you have in possession of those weirdo thinking or small little actions, etc. etc...

watch the big bang theory season 2 episode 15 the maternal capacitance online 2.15 s02e15 video stream.jpg

4. Smallville - Season 9 ... I actually didn't follow this show ... but when you have nothing else to watch, I guess, the best thing is to try to understand what Smallville trying to deliver... A story about how Superman become Superman. This season Clark becomes even more darker... and hey, he should have started to wear the thick black frame glasses so that nobody can guess Clark is Superman... And the RED BLUE BLURRRR????? Oh give me a break... this is a show that you want to watch, and then start criticize the story...


5. Heroes - Season 4 ... I missed season 2 and 3... so, now I am watching the season 4... OK, not as good as the season 1, but can watch a bit... Story line is way out, but still ok...


6. Eastwick ... The story about 3 women who lives in Eastwick discovered their power as a witch... and to uncover the power, it is the Devil who is doing so... Ok, that is a start for the story line... and the show is quite funny too.. so, enjoy...


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jay Jay & His Birthday Cake

Cheryl Shuen is amazing. On Jay Jay's first year birthday, we asked for a Butterfly cake, but Cheryl said, how can a boy so cute as Jay ordered a butterfly... butterfly is for girls. So, she changed the butterfly to "Dragonfly" and Jay Jay is the only kid she is willing to bake the dragonfly for.



On Jay's 2nd year birthday, Mom's friend bake a "Car" cake for him. Yes, the Lightning McQueen cake. It was a bit sweet, and not from Cheryl Shuen.
So, we skipped Cheryl Shuen.

This year, we decided to ask Cheryl Shuen bake a new cake. It was from Jay Jay's favourite Cartoon show on Playhouse Disney - the Chuggington. It was new show and they start airing it on Oct 2, 2009.


Got to say that Cherl Shuen really did a good job. Take a look at the train CoCo, and the train tracks, the ladybugs and the dragonfly, and the flowers details on the cake. It was a great and delicious cake, and Jay loves it so much. And all Jay's classmates likes CoCo and wanted to eat up the whole CoCo train. Some ate the ladybugs, and some ate the alphabets too...

Cherl Shuen's blog is here. Do check out her latest creations...

Every kid should have a wonderful childhood. Make something that he or she likes, and let he or she have the most wonderful and memorable birthday, and don't forget to take lots of pictures and make a home video so that they can always watch it and this helps them to remember all these happy thoughts.... You must always have to take the pictures such as below... see how great the big SMILE on Mr. Jay's face...

photo1.jpg photo.jpg