Saturday, August 24, 2013

Throw Away Milk Bottle Ceremony

Date:  Aug 24, 2013

When you are 4 years old.  It is indeed a very big deal.

First, you start to learn swimming.

Then, now this.

IMG 6521

Yes.  I (Kay Kay) am throwing away my milk bottle.

IMG 6522

Parents, if you want to use this tactic.  Please do not throw away the milk bottle yourself, you must make your son or daughter do it himself or herself HAPPILY and WILLINGLY. 

We have been practising this since a year ago.  From time to time, we reminded him, and make him promise.  We 勾勾 finger.  

Kay Kay:  Bye bye bottle.  Thank you for accompany me for the past 3 years.

IMG 6523

Make sure he throw the bottle into the recycle bin (or dustbin).

IMG 6525

Each bottle he threw away, make sure he do a V for Victory sign.

"YEAH!  I am 4 years old!"

IMG 6526

Here goes bottle #2.  Bye Bye bottle.  Thank you.  (Make sure there is NO "see you" or "see you again!") hahaha.

IMG 6527

 To complete the ceremony.  Ask him why he threw away the milk bottle.  This will be the final firm commitment for getting rid of his milk bottle.  HaHaHaHa


So, no more milk bottle, then how?

IMG 6533

Drink packet milk.  This is his favourite packet milk.

Parents, one last thing.  You have to start training them to drink from Packet milk earlier.  So you can let them drink packet milk in day time, and still maintain milk bottle at night time.  But after 4 years old, he has to go thru the "Throw Away Milk Bottle Ceremony".

IMG 6534

YEAH!  I am 4 years old.  And I no longer drinking from my milk bottle from now on.  YEAH.  Because I have no more milk bottle.

Because I threw away the milk bottle myself when I am 4 years old.  YEAH!

IMG 6536

Son, we are very proud of you.  Good job Kay Kay!

Next will be the pampers.  That one will be harder, but let's make it 1 year later.  At 5 years old when his bladder is bigger to hold more before we ask him to dropped the pampers.  If necessary, 6 years old.  I believe Jay Jay drop the pampers when he is 6 years old.

Gadgets : Golf Putting

Date: Aug 24, 2013

This year, one of my resolution is to hit 100 and below in golf game.

I have been to the golf range much often now, and my son is also learning, so let's make it a father and son learning experience.

So far, my golf balls are flying when hitting driver or iron shot. But I am still playing 80% 3 putts and above.

So, if I can have a consistent 2 putts and below, then I should be able to meet my target this year!






















So, I bought this from













It's called "Puttist Digital Putting Trainer"













It comes with a digital sensor that can measure your putting strength and estimate your putting distance.













This is the putting mat.






















There even provide this for you to clip it to the carpet.






















I comes with a charger to charge your sensor battery.






















They even give you a Singapore adapter to put make sure you can use it in any Singapore plug.






















Ok. You will always need to hit from a fixed distance. And you hit a real golf ball into the sensor. But the problem is how you know roughly how far is 3m, 6m or even 9m and so on.

Not to worry. They give you this.






















So, you stick this on your wall. And you can see at your eye level how the hole size should look like for 3m, 6m and 9m and so on. (See three picture below)






















The digital sensor can let you practice with Game settings. For example, this one is the 369, where you suppose to hit 3 times at 3m, 6m and 9m and see how consistent you are.






















So, my first try. Wow! My strength should bring the ball to 5.67 meter.






















Here is another good look at the ball hole size. So, the trick is, you hit 10,000 and each time look at the ball hole size, your memory will keep that info permanent some what.






















There are marker on the ground to make sure when you practice and it always match with both side distance marker for that pendulum action.






















Even my wife try it and have fun too. Her resolution is to get a handicap card so that he can play with his son and husband. Haha






















After many putting swings, finally I got a score by hitting between 3-3.5m for the 3 meter putt. Cool.






















I love this instruction Manual. Read it. Click the image to enlarge it to read it! Here are some of the summary.

1. First you must realize putting can be 50% of your total score in a game. So if you can do well in putting, then you should have no problem playing below 100.

2. When you use a Driver to drive 200 meter and if you use putter to hit a 1m putt. Both are the same and it is considered 1 stroke.

3. Speed and distance of your putt is 4 times or many times more important than your direction. Get the ball near.

4. You need to practice a putt or any shot 10,000 times in order to master it. Hmm... This is the same as what I have learn from the book "Outliers", you need to practice 10,000 hours to master or become a professional in 10 years.

5. If you practice 100 strokes per day and 100 days later you have 10,000 strokes and your putting sure will improve.

6. Always putt the ball to pass the hole and within 1-2 meter around the hole.






















Ii love this! A short putt is a failed putt. If you think about it, why?

f you putt longer, them you can see the path after the hole and try to correct it.

If you putt short, then you will not know what is the path ahead you.

So, always putt longer and near the hole.













Lets make it a habit to putt every day, practice 100 strokes a day and see whether will it improve it not.

Will update more after a few games.

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Kay Kay First Swimming Lesson

Date: Aug 24, 2013

Always take advantage when your kid celebrate his birthday. It is very powerful and persuasive.

(A year ago)

Daddy: Kay Kay when are you going to learn swimming?

Kay Kay: When I am 4 years old.

(Few days ago)

Daddy: Happy Birthday Kay Kay. You are now 4 years old. So you go learn swimming from Uncle Soh ya? (Swimming coach at our condo)

Kay Kay: Err... But...

Daddy: No Er... No But! And here we are, every Saturday morning 10:30am...

Kay Kay officially will be learning swimming! Yeah!













Not going to be easy, we foresee...













He is now happy kicking the water, later see how...













Uncle Soh: Ok, into the water... Kay Kay: no... Uh.. No (about to cry)

















Mommy: ok. Three micro drifter. (Small toy cars) Mommy negotiating.













Daddy: Put your board in front of you. Use both hands and bran the board. Straighten your hands. And start kicking.

Eh? No danger? So he kicked hard.

















Uncle Soh: Why are you swimming towards this direction? You want to swim to car park?











Kay Kay laughed. So slowly they turn around... With a bit of anxiety... He kicked the water...













Eh? No danger yet. Keep kicking!











Wow. This is fun.











Yeah! He made it. Wait? He wondered "Where am I?). Wow! You are at the 2m side.











Ok. Uncle Soh offers return journey on his back. Kay Kay you must continue kicking the water.

Ok? Like that he swim a total of three rounds and each time he gets more comfortable.











Later, you can see what he discovered on his own... If I straighten my feet and relax a bit... What will happen to me?













Wow! I am floating!!! So, this is his first ever swimming class and I think he is quite ok with it now. The phobia will soon be gone in no time.













Kay Kay: Mommy, I want to go Phuket. Mommy: why?

Kay Kay: because my friend go to Phuket beach and there is a lot of sea shells.

Mommy: ok!

















Below Here are some of the YouTube video links for today swimming lesson.

Great Job Kay Kay! Daddy & Mommy is very proud of you!

video #1 - Kay Kay First Day of Swimming Lesson...(video)


video #2 - He is still a bit afraid of the water... So you have to comfort him to let him simulate swimming at the side...


video #3 - Of course you need to add in some element of fun. Oh.. You kick water and splash uncle Soh. Later uncle Soh come and catch you! Haha


video #4 - This is the last swim towards the 2m side. And as you can see, with a bit of fun and joke, Kay Kay starting to get comfortable with it.


video #5 - Kay must be very tired. So uncle Soh offers him to ride on his back. And Uncle Soh have to swim with Kay Kay on his back. Thanks!


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Friday, August 23, 2013

Jogging Vs. Biking

Date:  Aug 23, 2013

I have a few gadgets helping me to monitor my daily exercise.  Meet my Fitbit.  This is basically a pedometer.

It tells me how many steps I walk every day.  So, by right, for healthy reason, we have to walk 10,000 steps a day.  So, for a person like me, who drives car to work, and go lunch at near by restaurant.  So, I found out the cruel facts that on a non-exercsing day, I only manage to clock less than 7,000 steps for the whole day without exercising.  But when I jog for 10 minutes and walk for an hour, which is roughly about 8KM, I can clock 12,761 steps during that 1 hour plus walk.  The whole day will end up a nice 16,000-18,000 steps.  This is jogging plus walking.  

IMG 5915

This Fitbit gear has a nice dash board.  It tells you almost everything.  It is a very nice gadget to have.

Screen Shot 2013 08 23 at 9 45 53 AM

One cool thing to do is to monitor your Sleep quality.  How many turns I made during my sleep.  etc.

Screen Shot 2013 08 23 at 9 51 12 AM

The next gadget I have is my iPhone running RunKeeper.  This gadget not only can keep track of your steps, it also gave GPS to log down where you walk, jog and go.  Of course, it will gives you the "real" distance.

It can keep track of many sports.  Like this one is the half way cycling I had this morning.  After 1 hour, I managed to bike for 18.87KM.

IMG 6320

Then, when I cross check this with my FitBit, I discovers the following...

1.  I bike for almost 30KM today.  I felt like I have a good 1hour and 40min exercise.

2.  But my Fitbit translate it into "walking" stats for me.

Screen Shot 2013 08 23 at 9 56 48 AM

3.  I am shocked to learned that I only walk 7056 steps after that 1hr 40min biking workout.

IMG 6323

4.  That translate into 4.89KM.

IMG 6326

5.  So, when I pedal the bike, it considered as 1 step.  Each pedal I take, it moves 6 times of the distance as if I am walking.

6.  So, what does this tell you between jogging and biking?

7.  The workout of jogging is much more.  Because of the steps that you have taken.  

8.  Don't be fooled by the distance.  When you cycle, you will cover a great distance.  When you walk, you cover shorter distance, but you have to put in more steps to achieve that.

9.  So, you relate this back to when you driving, you walk lesser.  Hmm… So, when you cycling, you are actually working out lesser too.

10.  No wonder, every time, when I cycle > 20KM, I feel so good, but I am not so tired.  But when I walk & jog for 8KM, my sweats come out like no body business.

So, previously, I usually do only 20KM.  And it is obviously not so enough to burn the calories.  So, now, I will set target to cycle 30KM.  (Try to).

IMG 6327