Saturday, February 13, 2010

Steve Job is no genius ...

Congrats Apple App Store for having 150,000 apps in the store.

When you look at the statistics of the apps, it is a no brainer to

1. We need a device that I can sell books... iPad, iBookstore
2. iPhone & iPod touch is a game console... let's rule Sony & Nintendo
3. TV shows on the iTunes should be priced at $1 per show


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sharing TV

One of the hardest thing to do is to decide whether you have two TV in the house instead of one. In my previous place, I had two. One in the living room, and the other in my bedroom. So, whenever, my son wanted to watch Playhouse Disney, it is either he watch it in the living room or on my bed. And usually, I will be on the other side watching my show.


In my new place, I have decided to have only one TV in the living room. I bought a new TV, bigger screen... and gave away my previous TV to both my in laws and the new owner of the previous place. And ever since, we have been teaching my son learn to "share" the TV. It was a great experience, where there is a need, he will come and ask, "PaPa, you need to share the TV, you know..." At the same time, we also teaching him "How many hours you have watch TV?" to give him a sense of time and limitations in regards of watching TV.

And I am no longer feel tired, as the TV is not in my room anymore. Because if it can be conveniently reached, then you will lie down there watching TV the whole time, do nothing until you are dead tired and sleep. So, I guess the Feng Shui is right after all. You should not put a TV in your bedroom unless it is necessary!

And now, the family bonding increases where we all watch TV together... Of course, when Jay is around, only Playhouse Disney is available for watching... nothing more...

Ken @ 6:24am

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

iPhone Battery


I never knew how long my iPhone battery will last. As I jailbreak three iPhones since 3 years ago. I never had any chance to see how long can the battery last. So, as of the day before yesterday, when I fully charged 100% my iPhone, a 30 minutes journey to my office will burn away at least 30%-40% of the battery. I could not figure out why... So, I tried to turn off 3G, Edge, Wireless, Bluetooth, etc... but it won't work. Something is just not right, and it is eating up the battery juice. Until yesterday, I upgraded to firmware 3.1.3, and I was force to use the un-jail-break version of iPhone.

So, I left home this morning around 8:25am... and I turned on the IPTV on the iPhone to watch Channel News asia. So, burn a lot of 3G bandwidth while driving. There was a small jam. By the time I reach office, it is almost 9:15am. And guess what, my battery life only burn away 25% with the IPTV turned on and playing it. What an amazing product!

So, I think my advise is to have longer battery life, you will need to unjailbreak! Have fun!