Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Amazing Air Asia Check In Process and App

Date: May 30, 2012

No joke when Air Asia said that "There is an App for that" check in process.

Simply launch the App. Select Mobile Check-in.

Key in your booking number.

And you will be given an SMS that directs you to this 2D barcode. Either from Email or Web.

When you arrived at the LCCT or Changi T1 airport, simply look for these check-in kiosks.

Let it scan the 2D barcode from The mobile phone, and the boarding pass immediately being printed out.

And you are all set to go.

It's that easy! And I compared to all other web check in methods from other airlines, this is by far the most simplest I have encountered and most effective and efficient! Cool!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Bus + KLIA Express

Date: May 29, 2012

When you fly to KL by Air Asia or others, you will land in LCCT (Budget) Airport.

There is an option of taking bus and train which is quite comfortable.

A bus will take you to Salak Tinggi station. The bus takes about 20-30min depending on traffic condition.

The fare for the whole trip is RM12.50. It's about SGD$5.

Here is the time table. It's important to know the timing. So that you can plan a better day. The bus station is opposite the domestic departure hall. Some time you will see the LCCT-KLIA pink bus. Most of the time is the green PlusLiner bus.

Taking AirAsia to LCCT is quite easy now. Especially when Air Asia allows you to book 4 hours before you fly. Also they have the easy to use check In kiosk. Plus the friendly Air Asia App for booking.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Legoland Malaysia

Date:  May 27, 2012

Saw this on the news paper...


Forgot to mentioned the below... The website is up and running...

Screen Shot 2012-05-28 at 12.21.08 AM.png

Screen Shot 2012-05-28 at 12.21.19 AM.png

If you buy a Annual Pass, you can buy from SISTIC...  So if per day entrance is S$29, so, the Annual pass will be worth it for trip > 3 times a year.  Since it is at Iskandar zone, should be quite easy accessible from 2nd Link.  I got a feeling that we will be going in many times when it opens...

Screen Shot 2012-05-28 at 12.18.15 AM.png

It is just like the Singapore Zoo pass, Birdpark pass, Science Park pass... if you anticipate that you going to go there for more than 3 times... then, buy it!

Conrad's Birthday @ Amazonia

Date:  May 27, 2012

Today is Conrad's birthday.  This is Conrad's present with self coloring birthday cake, and a card saying "Happy Birthday"... He top up with a reptile "handle" on the birthday present.  It is an aligator...


Estee did a great job on the cake designed by Conrad's daddy.  A crocodile, got fish, got snake, got sea turtle... And look at the "grass" icing... it is a lot of grass = a lot of work.. hahaha


That is a very long slide at the Amazonia @ Great World City.


It is another great place for kids...


There is another slide hidden up there, inside those mazes.


Wow... Graet shot... I got almost all kids with "laser eyes" in this photo... iPhone flash is too bright may be...


Jay Jay get to sit beside Conrad!


Thank you Conrad for letting Jay Jay sit beside him....


I hope Jay Jay did not say "Kiss me here"  hahahahaha


More ketchup please!


How sweet ... Jay Jay gets the first cake... served by Conrad.  Thanks Conrad.


I still think is a very long slide down...


Yeah.... I like the slide...


Enjoying the ice cream...


After 2.5 hours playing, running, eating, etc... Jay Jay is 100% fully exhausted.... No more energy...


What a great fun!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sa Teh (沙爹) = Satay

Date:  May 27, 2012 (see Disclaimer)

On the way from Ipoh to Setiawan, just before you pass by Iskandar town, there is this famous roadside satay store.


We passed by, and ah Gong (Grandpa) started to tell the story of "Satay".  I don't know is it true or not, but the kids love it.

He believe the Malay satay originally are from middle east, and it is a variation of Kebabs.

But he thinks that the word "Satay" is invented by Chinese.  In fact a Hokkien.

Long ago, when there is a lot of Malay selling 2-pieces of Kebabs in the market.


So, when a Chinese Hokkien guy arrived from China and have tasted it, he thinks that that it is a very nice taste for BBQ the beef, chicken, etc. Almost all the stores offer 2-pieces of meat on a stick.  So, he decided to do also do this business.  So, in order to promote his kebabs, and trying to compete with the strong Malay food stores, he decided to offer 3 pieces of meat on a stick (instead of 2).  Since he does not know how to speak Malay, so, he started to promote his 3 pieces meat as "Sa Teh" (Hokkien meanig of 3 pieces).  And he then, beciome very famos because of he uses special sweet sauce and peanut sauce on his BBQ meat... and the "Sa Teh" "Sa Teh" become what we known as "Satay".

So, if you count the meat of today Satay, it is really mostly 3 peices... which is "Sa Teh".

[Disclamer:  I am not sure whether the story is true or not true.  I just find it amusing and make lots of sense.]

Jay Swimming…. Star Float

Date:  May 27, 2012

This week, Jay Jay learned how to do star float.  He also learned how to swim when facing the sky.


His butt is still too low, and his stomach always wanted to sink down.  But he is learning.


He needs lots of encouragement and adjustment to do so.


The weather is just nice for swimming.


Renting Car in Ipoh Airport

Date:  May 27, 2012

When you get older... driving 7 hours back to Setiawan is not going to be a fun thing... So, one option is to fly FireFly back to Ipoh, and then rent a car there.  Of course, if you have in-laws who is willing to pick you up, that is the best!

Just in case you need to rent a car... This is the company ....


The biggest car you can rent is a Grand Livina (Nissan).  It is RM477 per day.  Not cheap, almost SGD$200 per day.


Of course you can have a Malaysian made Perdana V8.  For RM318 per day.


Or a new Proton Waja for RM265 per day.


Or a small car... Proton Saga for RM188.


For more info, you can visit this website.


By the way, here is the complete car rental rates.  They also have RM120/day one.  But I think those are older cars.


By the way, they are now in last phase of rennovating the airport.  So, it is now fully aircon.  Unlike last time, when we were there... no aircon.


A Quick Eat & Relax Trip - Home Town

Date:  May 27, 2012

We took FireFly from Budget Airport back to Ipoh on Friday.  It's going to be a quick trip back to hometown - Setiawan.  This trip's highlight is the Teluk Batik beach.  The kids just had their lesson on the ocean creatures and beach a couple weeks ago.  So, they were wondering, what does a beach looks like?  We explained Sentosa to them, then they argue... "But Sentosa has no wave..."  We blur... so, we decided to show the kids what does a real beach looks like...  But first, let's see what we eat... :)

It's a good thing to pack all your cloths into a small luggage bag so that Kay Kay can help to push in the airport.


As what I mentioned in the caption - Eat & Relax.  We stop by a 芽菜鸡 coffee shop.  Chicken is a bit old, but the taste is there.


Especially the bean sprouts.  Fat & juicy.


From Ipoh to Setiawan, it is about 1.5 hours drive.  By the time we reach Grandma place, is already at night time.


Next day, we have this for breakfast.  Grandma special prawn biscuits.


At noon, we had at least 2-3 types of fresh fish, plus Jay Jay's favorites.  Clams...


Out of his imaginations... Jay Jay build a fish out of these new toys.  First time I see him doing a fish though.


That afternoon, we dropped by Teluk Batik, one of the more famous beach in Lumut.  Of course, if you willing to spent the money and time to take the ferry to Pangkok Island, of course there have nicer beach.


But, this beach looks nice too.


There are 4 to 5 companies there renting their banana boat.  It costs about RM5 per pax on the banana boat.


The greatest activity on the beach is to build sand castle or any sand thingy...


There are also people renting the chair too.  I think it is RM4 per seat.  So, we rented four.


First 10 minutes, Kay Kay just sitting on the beach chair.  Grandma have to play with him, and bring sand to him.


Of course, Jay Jay already hit the water front with his cousins.


Building castle, got washed away.  Building castel... got washed away again.  "This is what I called big wave", Jay said.


Jay look!  Banana boat!


HaHaHaHa... Banana boat...


Oh!  No!  All the people fell down into the water.  From the banana boat.  No No No.  I don't want to sit on a banana boat.


Meanwhile... during the 2nd 10 minutes.. Kay Kay started to sit down on the mattress and playing the sand...


3rd 10 minutes... He started to walk down to the beach at the water front there...


Finally a big cheeky smile on his face... OK... Sand and water are not too bad at all, Kay thought.


Kay Kay looking at his koko playing with cousins...


And Jay Jay has now stepped his foot into the water to bring in more wet sand for the sculpture.


The kids were busy, but we don't klnow what exactly they were building...


Then, come the education time... writing his name on the beach...


Almost done....


Hey you naughty water...


The 4th 10 minutes, Kay Kay already used to the sand, and he too building something that is unknown to all of us...


And he also playing with the mover too.


OK Kay Kay, let mummy show you want is a WAVE.  This is a WAVE.  A huge WAVE....


Eh Eh... mummy, I don't like WAVE...


My pants are wet!  And there gone the pants.


Let's get more water for the kids...


Sun is setting soon...


The kids are hungry already.


I love the beach.


Next we came to Lumut, and wanted to eat on this war ship.


It is a war ship open for people to visit in the day time... and at night after 8:30pm, they open as a restaurant serving western food.


This is a war ship that has already been retired for some time...


Let's go to the play ground and wait for the war ship restaurant to open.


It's quite a big playground here...




We can't possibly wait for the War Ship restaurant to open, as all of us already exhausted and hungry.  So, Jay Jay get to eat an ABC (Air Batu Campur)... which is basically ice kacang...


More good food in the morning...


The kids saw a lot of baffalo on our way to airport.


A whole journey of coconut trees...


And finally, we are at the airport.  And our eat and relax trip ended.


Lesson from the trip... Ocean, beach, sands....