Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Taobao Fun!

Date:  April 30, 2013

Yesterday I received my latest goods from Taobao.  

IMG 1079

So, some friends asked me what I have bought?

Mainly kids stuffs...

IMG 1127

Let's check it out...

A dominoes of Chinese words...

IMG 1080

This one is for Kay Kay.  So that he can learn the words on it.  Jay Jay also can use it, as there are Han Yu Pin Yin on it too.  It is like Chinese Vocabs.

IMG 1081

A small little sponge book for Kay Kay.

IMG 1082

This one is for Jay Jay to learn the 三字经.

IMG 1083

Kay Kay loves to read books.  So, I bought this little kitten book for him.

IMG 1084

The content actually not too bad.

IMG 1085

This is also for Kay Kay.  To let him learn more Chinese characters.

IMG 1086

I think Kay Kay can read almost 75% of the words in this books.

IMG 1087

The Bras Pasar there sell this 四五快读 but very expensive.  So, I bought 3 for Kay Kay to see whether it is useful or not.  Buying books from China is usually very cheap.

IMG 1090

This is Kay Kay's maze book.  Not sure if he likes it or not.  So, I bought one for sampling.

IMG 1091

Not to bad.

IMG 1092

This is another activity books I bought for Kay Kay too..

IMG 1093

Lots of fun activity inside.

IMG 1094

字卡 - I also bought this for Kay Kay.  Looks like Kay Kay has lots of books and flash cards today.

IMG 1095

OK.  I like this.  Because is simple, no pictures.  Just words.

IMG 1096

China made musical books.

IMG 1098

I bought all three of them.

IMG 1122

This music books is not bad quality.

IMG 1113

This is the 汉字王.  So, it comes with lots of 部首.  And you mix and match them together.

IMG 1099

Of course this is for Jay Jay.

IMG 1101

It is pretty neat.  one thing I found missing from school teaching is to teach the students all these 部首.

IMG 1100

Some toys.

IMG 1102

Unboxing the TECLAST iPod.  What is this again?

IMG 1103

It is an 8" Dual core 16Ghz Android 4.1  touch pad.

IMG 1104

Amy, my Taobao agent messaged me back when I wanted to place this order.  She told me that some of her customer says the quality of this product is not as good as iPad.  So, Amy scared that I may not like it.  So, I explained to her that this is for my domestic helper.  I cannot afford to buy an iPad for her, but for this, 150 bucks, it is just OK.  Last time I bought a 100 bucks touch pad for her, but the power supply burned out after using it for 7 months. hahaha  So, she is using it to Skype and facebook back to her family.  Save a lot of money too.  She also read her bible here.

IMG 1105

Same old Android interface.  Changed the systems into English, delete all the Chinese shops.  And then, enable the Play Shop for her, it is good to go.

IMG 1107

Wow, it looks like an iPad Mini but with iPad weight.

IMG 1108

The back is silver with ugly white on top.

IMG 1109

The thickness is OK.

IMG 1110

The android systems is quite smooth and quite decent.  thanks to the Dual core 1.6Ghz processor.

IMG 1112

Some beach toys that carries ELC branding.  I think it is fake.  But the quality of plastic is similar.

IMG 1116

Bought two sets of rubies with the how to solve rubiks book.

IMG 1117

I think I should be able to solve the rubiks soon.

IMG 1118

A sudoku game.

IMG 1119

A Pop N' Drop Penguins game.

IMG 1120

A Funny Bunny game.

IMG 1121

Some soft toys.  There are another two sting ray soft toys too.

IMG 1123

Whole set of Ninjago spins.

IMG 1124

And this… a water proof iPhone cover.  This is the only product which is a disappointment.  As I see the quality, and I don't think I want to put my iPhone in there.  hahaha

IMG 1129

So, that's all what I bought… and 明珠老师 commented me as "shopperholic"  hahaha

Monday, April 29, 2013

Jay & Piano "Happy Birthday" Song

Date:  Apr 29, 2013

Today, Jay Jay took his second Piano lesson from teacher Luanne.  He shows strong interest in learning piano.  This kid, want to learn so many things, and hope he can manage each of them.  :)


Tomorrow is Mommy's birthday.  So, it is just nice that he learned this song today.  Here is the 8min clip of he learning and playing the Happy Birthday song.  Mommy will be happy tomorrow if her son played this song for her. 

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/bWQ5HMEiI9c

 [Useful Info]

We apply for a Piano teacher from this website.  i.e. http://www.yestuition.sg 

So, they assigned Ms. Luanne Tan to teach him at home.  We have a Casio Digital Piano at home.  Her email is luannetlm@hotmail.com  

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Racing with Time

Date:  April 27, 2013

That is Jay Jay's favourite iPod.  This time, it is used as a TIMER.  He use the time to keep track of his speed of solving math questions for the CMA.

IMG 1041

Two weeks ago, Jay Jay was very proud when his form teacher says he is No. 1 doing the homework at Learnlogy.Com.  The teacher make a big deal of it, and praise the students who did the online home work fast.  You know Jay Jay never got No. 1 yet.  So, this probably is the first time he is No. 1 in doing anything.  So, he feels proud of it.

Unfortunately he feels too proud and become obsess with it.  Last week, he is No. 3.  The reason is, his school bus is late, and he can never beat his classmates who's mommy fetch them back early.  So, he can cry if he cannot access the learnlogy.com fast, or cannot reach home fast, etc.  So, I wrote an email to the form teacher to feedback about the inappropriate of contest based on unfair starting conditions.  Not every students can make it back home fast.  So, the contest become meaningless.  I also have spent lots of time to educate my son regarding this.

So, today, he has to take the CMA grading mock up test.  Every exercise has to be completed within 3 minutes.  So, this is his first taste of a real "Test" or "Exam"… and a real test on racing with time.  So, with the help of iPod Timer, he clock his timing when doing these exercises.

He is no stranger to the word "grading".  As his Taekwondo has grading test.

IMG 1047

So, he felt proud of finishing this particular one within 51 seconds which is far lesser than the 3 minutes needed.

IMG 1048

And he knows now what is the big deal about racing with time.  He also truly understand the "unfair" conditions for the little contest his form teacher making so big deal off.  

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/5a5N7hTTxAo

During student days, kids will need to learn and understand what is meant by "Test", "Exam" and "Grading".  And racing with time is a very good example to teach the kids regarding this.  Also, do fast does not mean that he can do correctly.  So, the concept of "do fast" and "do correctly" must come together.

I am glad my son now understand this.  Bravo Jay!

Badminton - Slowly Learning The Skills

Date:  April 26, 2013

This is the third month since Jay Jay first learned badminton.  Before attending Singapore Badminton School, he has never been exposed to badminton before, i.e. never saw badminton on TV or seeing other people playing.  

I am glad that he likes the sports and is taking it pretty seriously.

So, this week, I decided to go downstairs to play with him and train him more on badminton after dinner.  This is to help him to burn some energy after dinner and before sleep too.

IMG 1018

Today, I refine his serving.  For the past few weeks, I think the school has not started teaching the serving, so, he does not actually know how to serve properly.  So, I let him practise serving, and after 2 days of efforts, I can see improvement in serving.  Also the racquet also still a bit long for him so that a proper serve at his heights will have chances hitting the ground.  

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/aZkLAG5Tiyo

Next, is to find him a good teacher.  Which is the "Wall".  Mr. Wall is every where.  And Mr. Wall is a very powerful badminton teacher.  Mr. Wall will never miss any shot thrown at him, and he will return the shot to you guarantee.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/fHr22gvyjZc

So, today, he can do at most 3 return shots.  If he keep doing this, he can probably increase his ball sense, perfect his forehand and he always have a partner to play with.  hahaha

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/XG4-8webKNs

Only thru practise, then, he can play with his friends.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/bde0FaQyFIU

I think in no time in future, these 4 kids should be able to play badminton on their own during weekends.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/8x_oWoxrGnM

Friday, April 26, 2013

A Plastic Bag Kite

Date:  April 26, 2013

What can a plastic bag do with kids having fun?

Well, a small little plastic bag + a wooden chopstick + a wool string + a piece of color paper (as the tail) = plastic kite

IMG 1001

Kay Kay loves his kite.  And he play with this kite by running very fast and let it fly.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/iFYM7Lq0NWU

Kay Kay can run very fast and let the kite fly.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/JtRoStdH2Vc

Later at home, after dinner, while Jay Jay playing badminton with me downstairs, he tun here and there using his new plastic kite.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Quick Look at His New Pencil Case

Date:  April 25, 2013

Previously, the pencil case has to be a gadget to the boy.

IMG 1004

For example, press a button, the pencil sharpener pops out.

IMG 1005

After 1.5 terms.  This pencil case has worn out.  Say good bye to the toy pencil case.

And say hello to the new pencil case.

IMG 1006

It's much bigger, compact, and can put a lot of stuffs in there.

IMG 0986

It is still a cartoon, i.e. Angry Bird, pencil case.  But it is much better.

IMG 1007

Let's see what he got in his pencil case.

Wow, a cute sharpener that can sharpen big and normal size pencils.

IMG 1009

A staples that no need to use much strength to staples 20 pages of papers.

IMG 1010

What is this?  A glue?

IMG 1011

All the color pencils are in the pencil case too.  WOW.

IMG 1012

Jay Jay now can accept to use a zip pencil case.

This shows that he has grown up.  Yeah!