Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jay Jay the muffin boy

Do you know this muffin boy, this muffin boy, this muffin boy?

It's always fun to do things together with your kids. Such as baking muffins. Especially those that he loves to eat. There is a lot of learning process, and a lot of knowledge to learn too...

How does the mixes add up together to become sticky sticky and later become a muffin?

My wife use very easy to mix muffin mix. And Jay Jay help to wash the plates, spoon, and help to stir the mix.

Oven is a dangerous place, so, better not get close, Jay. He learned that well..

But the most important thing he learned is to share the muffin, to his teacher Ms. Joy, Kang-Ying Lao Shi and his fellow classmates. Of course, he keep some for his stomach.

Remember, don't worry about your kid will make a mess out of e kitchen. Once you have done it often, the child will learn a lot of things from it.

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Toddler Reading Habits (in Mandarin)

One of the effective way is to observe what your kids like... For example, Jay loves to see Shinkansen, so, I bought a lot of Shinkansen book for him. One good tip is you do not have to buy English or Chinese... You can buy Japanese one... As long as there are pictures...

Saw this article, quite nice.... Have fun reading....













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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bread Stick

Baby Kay has grown up quite a bit. This baby is different from Jay Jay. Jay Jay loves to eat anything, buy baby Kay choose his own food. So it will be kind of headache to try to find what to give him...

One fine day we went to Queens and Mango restaurant and they serve the breadstick... And guess what? Baby Kay was holding the bread stick for half and hour...

So we then start to buy the breadstick only from Queens and Mango, but we could not do this every day. So, my wife decided to bake the breadstick herself.

And when you do this, make sure you ask your kid to be around... Baby Kay sitting on chair watching.. And Jay Jay actually participate in it...

Have fun... The breadstick is not bad at all... Taste good...

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Playing with pasta

It's time for baby Kay to learn and feel different textures... So, what we do is simple... Put different types of pasta on his play pan, let him play with it... Put some in the mineral bottles and let him hear different sounds...

Baby will slowly Learn different kind of sensations...

One important note... Don't be afraid for letting your child make a mess out if your house. It's fun and a very good learning experience.

Observe... Baby instinct tell him not to eat the hard hard pasta...

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby tearing papers

Addyd tearing paper.jpg

I don't know about you. But all the while I don't like to see kids tearing paper, any kind of paper. i.e. News paper, telephone books, note pad, etc etc. I ever see a kid, he enjoys it so much, and the kid torn away a $50 note.

I think when a baby start to tear the paper first time, they may finds it amusing, and may start to laugh and enjoy it. some times the parent thought it is funny as well, and they let the baby continue to do it, as they the parents enjoy watching the baby laughing. and that sort of turn into an encouragement, and guess what, the next thing you know, baby starts tearing anything that is made of paper.

when I first see baby Kay about to tear the paper, I will raise the voice a bit, so that the baby will notice the change in tone. Then I will take away the paper. After a short while, I gave the paper back to him. Almost immediately, he remember the tearing paper joyful feeling, wanted to tear it again. Then you start to grab the paper from him, hold both of his hand, and say "no-no". Repeat this action 100 time if needed too. Hopefully, thru this, the baby got the message that this is a wrong action, and he should not tear paper as it will make papa raise the voice, and say no-no...

I think the baby can detect the tone, and we may remember that no-no means cannot do.

The same trick can be used when he/she start to put things into his/her mouth too. Very effective, although you have to be very patient to repeats the action at least 100 times.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My iPad Keyboard - Review

My iPad Keyboard finally arrived today.

It is very interesting that Apple has come up with this idea of creating a docking system for iPad that comes with a keyboard. I think the original intention is for those writers that loves iBook, but when they wish to write their books, they wanted to use a keyboard instead of the software keyboard.

These are a few things that I notice.

1. You can use it for Pages. But what about Numbers and Keynote. You cannot run Keynote in vertical mode, it has to be horizontal mode. For Numbers, you cannot use the keyboard to navigate and key in numbers. So, the keyboard is for word processing, but not Spreadsheet and presentations.

2. It is quite cool, that you can control the iTunes music with it.

3. It has a Spotlight button, so that you can search for things.

4. I think this is created for people who needs to write a lot of emails. But Email in portrait mode does not have the message navigation bar. So, not so friendly. Email in horizontal mode is a friendly mode.

5. I did use it for creating this blog. Very nice feeling.

6. OK. The contact has to be fully contacted at the iPad connector there. You cannot wear a silicon jacket and expect it will be fully inserted into the dock. So, you have to remove the silicon jacket. That is bad...

As a conclusion, the iPad keyboard is a nice thing to have if you need to type fast or doing a lot of word processing.

It would be nice if apple can make it a bluetooth keyboard, and the dock can allow you to doc the iPad either in portrait mode or horizontal mode. So, I think it is a good to have accessory.

My iPad VGA adapter also came. And that is a useful piece of accessories that you need to get. As you need to project the presentation to all the major projectors. I have tested it with my Samsung monitor, and it works well. And it comes with a laser pointer by simply press and hold on the iPad screen. Quite cool.

Now I

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Monday, May 17, 2010

ZT:育儿经49条 育婴49条 by zs0311


















































Results of the Travel Simulation

OK, I admit, it's going to be challenging... hahaha


1. Choice of flight. With a toddler on board the air plane, unless it is a short flight. Never try to book a budget airline or other flights that does not have in-flight entertainment system on board. So, if we decided to bring the two kids to go to Japan, it has to be on SQ. For 7 hours flight, you need that.


2. As the young infant does not know how to stop jumping up and down, it is best to fly a night flight. So that as soon as the infant is on board, he or she will straight go to KO mode. Sleep thru the flight.


3. The stroller definitely will need to be carried. So, the little cute bag is a no-no for a long trip. Although it is very cute, and can let Jay Jay sit on it and pull him around. But it will be an extra piece that you need to hand carry, and you cannot check the luggage in, as it is too small. Sorry Jay, this bag will not be allowed to go Japan. Only Malaysian trip is allowed.

4. We decided to design the simulation so to include a bus ride followed by a KL-Express train ride. Errr... The train station @ Salak Tinggi is simply a disaster. It is not wheel friendly. Means, there are stairs all over, and no escalator or lift that can be used. Hmm... so interesting... Next time, fly Jetstar, no need to go thru any of the budget terminal or LCCT terminal. But the climbing up and down the plane is fun, and the watching of luggage truck, petrol filling the plane is a good experience for the kid. Jay will go back and look at his Airport story book and point out everything he saw.


5. Always check with the hotel to put in a baby cot. Now, always check the brand. Le Meridien some how give this crappy unfriendly baby cot. Its metal, and the bed is too low. Its very challenging of placing the baby in and out from the cot.


6. Le Meridien has this BOSS gadget, when you are in the room, simply plug your iPhone in. And you get your usual baby lullaby music at very high quality way. Baby slept well with familiar music...


7. Just a side note, don't forget to bring your own MP4 player. So that you can play your kids favorite TV or Movies in the hotel room. And Le Meridien has this adapter box which allow you to plug in any type of interface, HDMI, VGA, etc etc.


8. The trip is no longer your own trip. Never join a tour group, as it will stress your kid and yourself. It has to be free and easy, and you have to research and plan where you want to go. It is no longer a sight seeing trip for the young toddler and baby. You have to build into your trip some interesting places to go, something that they will enjoy most. And something that you can take video and remember the trip with. So, research research research!


9. At the end of the trip, you will find very fruitful and happy trip for the dad. (PaPa draw one, but only a small piece is drawn by Jay Jay, and Jay Jay connecting the dots)


10. And your toddler and baby will be very happy too. They will draw something and give to you and thank you for the trip.


A. Book a night flight.
B. Plan to go for baby friendly places.
C. If possible, bring at least in-laws or your parents.
D. Research and planning.

So, you ask me if I am ready to bring the two kids to Japan. Hmmm... I think it is 80% ready. Can start to do research now. hahahaha

Friday, May 14, 2010


Came across this article, enjoy!






6. 多倾诉多纾解














20. 多看喜剧






Jay Jay & Mother's Day

This is the first time that Jay Jay can help make a Mother's Day card.

I thought of sharing his LOGIC here... (he explained all this to Mommy in Mandarin)


Jay: Mommy Mommy, you like purple color, so, I make a purple color flower for you.
Jay: Mommy, you are a girl, so, I give you pink color flower.


Jay: But Mommy, every one in school make Red or Orange Flower, so, I also make Red and Orange flower for you.


Jay: Happy Mother's Day, Mommy...

Sweet... and Logicall. Just like a Vulcan! (in Star Trek).

Travel Simulations


When Jay was 2 years old, we brought him to Kyoto/Hakata. When he was 2, he already know how to walk, understand what we said, and know how to enjoy and like the Shinkansen. That was piece of cake.

Kay is now almost 9 months old. He can crawl, and eat teething biscuits. I do have plans to visit Hokkaido this year, may be in August. So, I was not sure if it is a good thing to bring Kay to oversea or not. With two kids, what will it be like? Last time, we have our in-laws with us. So, it is quite easy.

So, we decided to "simulate" an oversea travel together with Jay & Kay. Here's the plan, tomorrow, we will be going to Kuala Lumpur on a Tiger Airways. A 40 minutes plane ride, followed by 20 minutes Bus ride and finally a 35 minutes KL Express ride. Then, we will check in into one of the Hotel @ Sentral.

So far, the plans are Genting Highland, Train theme restaurant, Time Square, may be Sunway Lagoon...

So, if this trip went well, then, we will go to either Japan or Taiwan in August. Yipee! If not, I am sure there will be a lot to share...

Sunday, May 9, 2010




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Removing gallstones naturally by Dr. Lai Chiu-Nan

Gallstones may not be everyone’s concern. But they should be because we all have them. Moreover, gallstones may lead to cancer.

“Cancer is never the first illness,” Chiu Nan points out. “Usually, there are a lot of other problems leading to cancer. In my research in China, I came across some materials which say that people with cancer usually have stones.

“We all have gallstones. It’s a matter of big or small, many or few. One of the symptoms of gallstones is a feeling of bloatedness after a heavy meal. You feel like you can’t digest the food. If it gets more serious, you feel pain in the liver area.”

So if you think you have gallstones, Chiu Nan offers the following method to remove them naturally.
The treatment is also good for those with a weak liver, because the liver and gallbladder are closely linked.Regimen:

For the first five days, take four glasses of apple juice every day. Or eat four or five apples, whichever you prefer.Apple juice softens the gallstones. During the five days, eat normally.

On the sixth day, take no dinner. At 6 PM, take a teaspoon of Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) with a glass of warm water. At 8 PM, repeat the same. Magnesium sulphate opens the gallbladder ducts.
At 10 PM, take half cup olive oil (or sesame oil) with half cup fresh lemon juice. Mix it well and drink it. The oil lubricates the stones to ease their passage.

The next morning, you will find green stones in your stools.
“Usually they float,” Chiu Nan notes. “You might want to count them. I have had people who passes 40, 50 or up to 100 stones. Very many.”
“Even if you don’t have any symptoms of gallstones, you still might have some. It’s always good to give your gall bladder a clean-up now and then. You’ll find that your digestion is much better afterwards.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010




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World Cup Tips for the Girlfriend...

World Cup Tips for the Girlfriends... Funny but could be true...


1. 今年世界杯在南非举行。

2. 比赛时间在晚间至凌晨。

3. 今年英格兰队并没有贝克汉姆。

4. 今年最有机会夺冠的分别有巴西、西班牙、阿根廷,和你男友支持的队伍。

5. 请不要在赛事中途说『都不知道怎么回事,十几个人追着一个球跑来跑去』,你男朋友一听绝对会发火。

6. 往后一个月,你男朋友只会记得今晚及明晚赛事的时间和比赛队伍。请不要在此期间考他记性,例如,问男朋友记不记得6月某一天是什么日子。就算那天是你们的恋爱纪念日,也请不要问,因为如果他回答你『10点钟,巴西对荷兰!』是多么伤感情!

7. 你最想见到男朋友的时间,通常就是开球的时间。虽然是委屈了你,但四年一度,请你原谅。

8. 续上一条,你最想和男朋友通电话的时间,通常也都是开球的时间。
9. 如果,你男朋友兴高采烈和你说一大堆外国人名、战术分析和专业术语,再加上事后孔明和马后炮,四年一度,听他说说吧。不明白也不用问,因为他也不知道自己再说什么。你只要听完给他一个『你好厉害喔』的表情,世界杯后你就会有美妙回馈。

10. 如果你男朋友支持的球队出局,也不用太担心他。每隔四年他支持的球队都会出局,他习惯了。

11. 如果你男朋友支持的队伍和你支持的队伍有分别的话,暗地里还是期盼他的队伍赢比较好。因为你可能只是在默默支持,他可是会用现金实际地支持地。

12. 男朋友问你喜欢哪一队时,千万不要答曼联、皇马——因为他们不是国家队。

13. 千万不要在球赛举行时问男朋友越位是什么意思,请自行 Google.

14. 如果你男朋友喜欢看漂亮直线传球,除了有名的西班牙球员哈维(Xavi) 外,你还可以推荐英格兰的杰拉德(Gerrard)。

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mac Tips - Backup With Time Machine

Time Machine is a great tool to backup everything on your Mac. But it would be impossible to backup everything for a long period of time. Soon when the Time Machine is full, it will overwrite the older data backup.

So something I have learn today is to unplug this Time Machine, and keep it as backup disk, label the time. And plug in a new disk to start a fresh backup from the new date. This is cool.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Learning how to write for toddler

Building foundation for toddler can be hard, but it's worth every thing, as his learning skills will increase by a large factor.

This is how I trained Mr. Jay how to write.

First start with his name. Something that he is familiar with.

Secondly, you must have a tool such as iPad, big enough for his little hand to draw on it, and interesting enough for him to keep his focus in learning.

Thirdly, write his name using light grey color. And ask Mr. Jay to trace his name.

Viola! The next thing you know, mr. Jay is writing his own name.

And lastly, the important step, reward him his favorite sticker for the name we wrote the best, second best and third best. Use a different sticker for each category.

It will be the best tool to learn how to write his own Chinese name!

The most important result you want to get is:
- one must write his name properly and seriously
- learn how to write

And as the bonus, let him decide whether to email his work to his mommy.
Yes, it comes with a big huge email icon easy enough to teach him how to sent the email.

I am using the "Drawing Pad" app on iPad.

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Some of the skills you need in a huge and complex corporate world.


1. 高调做事是一种责任,一种精益求精的风格,一种执著追求的精神:哪怕是再细小的事、单调的事,也要代表自己的最高水平,体现自己的最好风格。

2. 保持相对的独立:在职场上,不能偏颇于左右或者上下,不能拉帮结派。相对的独立就是不主动参与是非的传播,不轻易表明自己的角色和立场,做一个自得其乐的 中间派。

3. 控制适度的迟钝:不是每一次的快速反应都会博得喝彩,有时木讷和迟钝是解救自己从困境中突围的最好手段。慢一拍发言,慢一拍行动,或许可以让你不卷入复杂 人际关系的旋涡。

4. 容人之过,方显大家本色:大度睿智地低调做人,有时比横眉冷对地高高在上更有助于问题的解决。对他人的小过以大度相待,实际上也是一种低调,这会使人没齿 难忘,终生感激。

5. 低调做人,便可峰回路转:在待人处世中要低调,当自己处于不利地位,或者危险之时,不妨先退让一步,不但能避其锋芒,脱离困境,而且还可以另辟蹊径,重新 占据主动。

6. 祸从口出,没必要自惹麻烦:要想在办公室中保持心情舒畅地工作,并与领导关系融洽,那就多注意你的言行。对于姿态上低调、工作上踏实的人,上司们更愿意起 用他们。

7. 说话不可太露骨:别以为如实相告,别人就会感激涕零。要知道,我们永远不能率性而为、无所顾忌。话语出口前,考虑一下别人的感受,是一种成熟的处世方法。

8. 利用沉默的权利:沉默,并不是让大家永不说话,该说的时候还是要说;沉默不代表永远地妥协,也不代表无力地抗争。适度的语言本身也是一种沉默。

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Jay Jay First Email to Mommy

First, I taught him how to draw a sun.

On the iPad of course.

Second, I ask him to press the envelop button, follow by selecting the To: field, and search for "Boon" and select it as a recipient and press Send. Viola! Jay Jay sent his first email drawing to his mom.

Not bad for a three year old.

Later the day, mommy received 18 emails from Jay Jay.

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Mini that does not look like a Mini

If you are a Mini Cooper fan, will you buy this Mini Coupe?

The top does not look like a squarish Mini top at all.

I will buy one if the price tag currencies is in SGD! Singapore cars are much more expensive....

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Buying Magazines

Learn new things every day...

Zinio is the app that delivers the magazine to your iPad.

12 issues of MacWorld costs only US$19 only. It will deliver to you on time. And there is no delivery charges.

12 issues of Car Driver cost only US$8 only.

So, why do I pay SGD$10-15 for a single magazine from Borders or Holland Village?

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Baby Kay and Jay Jay

We manage to make Jay Jay to love his brother baby Kay...

Now.. Our next challenge is how to make baby Kay to love his Ko-Ko Jay Jay...

It is sweet to see the two brothers are playing on the floor, side by side...

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Marina Sands Casino

If you have not seen or enter a casino before, and wonder how a casino looks like.... Go to Marina Sands, towards the Restaurant level, you can have the bird's eye view of most of the casino table at the grow d level and first level...

If you need to learn how to play a game, bring a binoculus... Hahaha LoL

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Baby K can sit on Ikea's high chair

Went to eat at 西门町 @ Vivo City yesterday... We ordered 8 dishes for 2 adults + 1 kid... It is one of the latest restaurant... And the most happy moment is to learn that baby Kay finally can sit still and steady on the common baby high chair from Ikea. Yeah!

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Adobe Ideas - the Con-Artist's must-have

So, you have your new iPad, what else will you do on it?

There is this Apps, called Adobe Ideas, allows you to sketch and draw a photo, and then you can choose to remove the photo layer, and viola... You get the pencil sketching of your son's photo... And your wife thinks that his husband is genius and an artist... Hahahah (con artist) LOL....

This is the original photo...

Then, you pinch here and there to magnify the photo, and start tracing the lines... And lastly, once done, remove the photo layers... You get below... And go an impress your son and wife with this... Hahahaha

And the software is available here...

Have fun!!!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jay's Calculator

It was my very first attempt to teach my son - Jay, how to do addition. Since young, we uses dice to play snake & ladder. So, let's use the dice to do the adding.

So, you give Jay a math addition question, "Jay Jay what is three plus two equal to."

And you teach him, to find the three dots on one dice, and the two dots on the other dice. And ask him to count the total number of dots. So the two dices become Jay's calculator ever since. And my son grasp the concept of adding.

He happily answered "Five!"

Don't forget to say "Good Job!", it's important!

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