Saturday, June 18, 2011

Have You Bought Your Apple TV2 Yet?

Date:  June 18, 2011

Some friends actually asked me why I buy Apple TV2?

Take a look at the video below about AirPlay Mirroring on IOS5.  It is on Beta now, and it is AWSOME!

The new AirPlay Mirroring feature on the IOS5 is going to kill the Game Console market definitely.  Already I kept my two PSP in my drawers for many years as well as my Wii.  Playing games on your iPad2 and projected it onto the big screen TV is simply the coolest things.

I cannot imagine how Apple can come up with such a great and simple idea, and it is all part of the eco system that hey have build.  i.e. iPhone, iPad, iPod, IOS devices, iTunes, AppleTV, iMac, MacBook, etc etc.  All linked together.  It is just like SkyNet without the intelligent.  I guess Apple did learn a few things from Terminator and Battlestar Galactica so that they do not build the brain for their OS.  :)

Screen shot 2011-06-18 at AM 07.47.14.png

Playing games is cool, the game actually projected to your big screen, and your "console" or "control" is in your hand and simply turn left or right, and it will show you all the game details on that iPad2.  Wow....

Screen shot 2011-06-18 at AM 07.47.42.png

This is another cool thing.... the Pinball games, looks pretty impressive....

And you can do a lot more with this...

- Slideshow from your Photo Album

- AirPlay any format of videos from your NAS using AirVideo

- Powerpoint slides

- Reading PDF/EBook on big screen


While IOS5 needs another 3 months to come out.... Have you Bought your Apple TV2 yet? Its only US$99 only.  Not sure if it is available in Singapore yet or not.


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