Thursday, June 30, 2011

Short Course on Wine @ SP

Date:  June 28, 2011

You know when I started to drink wine, it was back in year 2000, and back then, I started with cheap wine like Australian... So, when I was staying in Sydney, I would go and buy a A$5-A$6 wine and say "Good Wine!"


Later when I grew older, I got a chance to drink nice French, and Italian, the taste of the wine totally blow me off... The wine was so smooth, and not so siap-siap, and yet, you get the kick out of the wine.... But I still say "Good Wine!"


The other day, I was at Woods, behind the The Wine Company, our friend ordered a few bottles of french wine... He is a French wine drinker...


We ordered 4 bottles of french wne... Red and White... after drinking it, It was fantastic, and I said "Good Wine!"

So, as you know, I am very bad in describing wine, so, I decided to go and take a course ... The course has postponed to start from July 11.  So, Terrence, Shao Yi and Nicole (not Seah) and I will be taking the course together.  So, hopefully after this course, I should be able to comment more about a wine, instead of saying "Good Wine!"...

Oh ya... the course usually have 15+ people and it is a 10 week course.  Of course, there is an exam at the end, and you need to pass it to get the Certificate.  And every time, they will have some food, as well as open I think 6 bottles of wine for the student to taste.  So, treat it like going for a easy dinner with good wine.  Also, usually, your classmates will be people from the wine industries, such as wine distributor, etc.  So, hopefully, after this course, we also get to know nice place to eat and drink, cheap place to get wine, etc etc.

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