Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A 1-Day Stay in Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Date:  June 13, 2011

I did my Angiogram procedure on Monday.


Oh boy, I hate needles.  The poked me and leave this there for 24 hours without using it.  Thank goodness too that I don't have to pump medicine directly into my veins .  HaHa...


Okay, when your surgery is a half day surgery, they put you in the royal executive suite that has huge LCD TV, nice toilet, and so on.


Then, after the day procedure, doctor will ask you if you are claiming for insurance?  If yes, there is no choice, you will need to stay overnight at the hospital for observation.  Then, you got kick out from the room, and stay in a less nicer room, with smaller TV.  hahaha


Here is the stay positive Kate Spade finger shot... hahaha  This is after the Angiogram, and every thing seems fine...


OK, the hospital food really SUCKS!


Bo-pian... So, ask wife go and ta bao 鼎太峰 fried rice and dumplings.  Much nicer...


Since my body and leg has to lied flat for at least 4 hours, no choice, I will have to use this to pee...


Oh Cool, the voice control comes with a personalize speaker.  So that you only here what you see on TV.

This is my first stay in the hospital.  Not so much different from hotel.

Eat well, live well, play hard and stay healthy!


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  1. 95% of your blog post about being hospitalised is positive. You are indeed a die-hard optimist! (Oops, sorry for using the word "die".)