Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blk 253, Jurong St 24 STEAM FISH

Date:  June 28, 2011

Hungry... Where to eat?

Drive to Blk 253, Jurong St. 24, Inside this First Cooked Food Point Coffee Shop....


There is this Zai Shun Curry Fishhead stall...


Go there, you should picked your own fresh fish... and all of them are very big...


They open daily except Wednesday... and they only open until 3PM.

This is one of our favorites.  Cheap and extremely good.  That day we ordered these...


The anchor dish, Hong Kong steam Sou Mei Fish... It was the last Sou Mei Fish that day... And it is huge... compare to the soup bowl beside and the veggie plate, you know how big is this fish... four of us can hardly finish it...


Just in case you don't know how a real Sou Mei fish looks like...  This dish, if you eat some where else, or in seafood restaurant, it is at least S$100-$200.  But here at the Zai Shun, it costs only $60.  And it is the most expensive fish we eat here at Zai Shun.


OK.  The same boss also roast duck, and Char Siew, Siew Bak.  For this, the Char Siew was very very tasty, similar to the KL Char Siew.  The duck and Siew Bak just OK.  It's just that every one who came to this coffee shop will only order the steam fish or curry fishhead... so, this Char Siew sometimes become secondhand citizen there... hahaha


As usual, we love the soup!Big bowl and tasty.


Also the 金针菇 is very nice too.

So, 4 of us drove from city area came to this place and eat.  Satisfaction!  Oh, usually, we come around 12 or before 12 to get a car park space.  Otherwise, it is quite hard to get car park as there are food court around here too especially the lunch hour.


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  1. Steamed fish are my favorite. Looks like you found the right place. The roast duck, char siew, and siew bak looks delicious too.