Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Home Fiber Network - After Revamping

Date:  June 1, 2011


Ever since I bought the Cisco Linksys SLM2008, and link it after the ONT, I am very satisfy with my home Fiber Network.  Everything seems to work now.  And Everything Works With Caffeine!

Here is how my network looks like now...

My Home Network NEW.png

My MIO TV Works!

As you can see the biggest benefit out of this revamping exercise is... My MIO TV finally works after 1.5 years since it is cold storage in my store room.  I finally can have sport channel now.  I can watch ESPN Sport News too.  And it does not freeze any more.

So, the trick is, I uses an extra set of Aztech HL280e Powerline Home Plug (A technology that uses your home power line at home as a media to transport IP data) to trunk the traffic from ONT directly to the Singtel 2Wire 5012NV router.  By doing so, I am running very clean pipe from the ONT to the MIO TV.  So, now I am suspecting that my internal Cat6e fiber from the data cabinet to TV console area are bad.

And YES, I have found the only usage for SingTel 2Wire 5012NV is to provide IPTV for the MIO TV console.  :)

My AirPort Extreme/Express Works!

The ONT connects to my Cisco Linksys SLM2008 managed switch which has VLAN 10 tagged.  So, whatever behinds it can see the tagged traffic.  i.e. my DLink DIR-655 AP router actually can get another set of Public IP from SingTel.  And then, I daisy chain two DLink GE switch behind, and my AirPort Extreme / Express connecting to it are able to interoperate with the DIR-655 AP router.  No longer I need to set static IP on all my wireless devices, and I can also see each wireless segments.  Unlike before.  That 2Wire 5012NV is really crappy.



  1. Hi Kenneth,

    I think my setup is similar to yours, can I know where does your ASUS router appear in the setup above?

  2. Hi,

    ASUS router replaced the Dlink router in above setup.


    1. hi need your advice, my setup is similar to your my home plug is HL115EP->HL125Gg-> singtel router -> miotv
      However the images is still a bit choppy. Hope to get some advice from you thanks

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  4. Hi,

    I was just wondering, is it possible for the MIO TV setup box to obtain a public IP straight from the ONT instead? Since u already have configured port 1 & 3 with VLAN ID 20, maybe you can try connecting the setup box directly.

  5. Hi t-rex,

    Yes. In my setup, my ASUS Black Diamond obtain 1 public IP, and my 2Wire obtain another public IP. I am guessing that if you put a third routers in, you will also get a third public IP.

    And of course, you will ask if SingTel will capped 50M on both public IP? This one I do not know. But we can always test it out. :)


    1. Hi Ken,

      Great stuff you are sharing on your network and can see the hard work in putting this together.

      Appreciate your help.

      ONT -> unmanaged Switch to
      Port 1 - ASUS RT-N65U Router -> Smart TV
      Port 2 - HP1

      Room 1
      HP2 -> 2Wire -> MioTV

      Room 2
      HP3 -> SLM2008T -> Linksys wifi router, NAS, printers

      Question: How can I configure the network so that users on the Asus router can access the printers and music & video files in may NAS?

      Sorry, newbie to Singtel fiber and vlan.


  6. hi kenneth,

    I've been reading some of your blogs and was wondering if you can help me set up my home network. Can you pls SMS me your contact. My HP is 96746820

    Many Thanks

  7. Hi,

    Why don't you email me and share with me what you trying to do? I may give my opinion. Thanks.

  8. Hi there just a quick question, can i link ONT to airport extreme then to other devices lets say i just want to have internet?

    1. @Simon: If you are with SingTel, you cannot just link ONT to Apple Airport Extreme. Because it does not have VLAN tagging untag capability. You need to have routers that can do that.

  9. Hi there, to clarify some questions. If the manage switch is able to link to the ONT due to its VLAN tag capability, does that mean you are able to do away the 2Wire 5012NV? Thanks

  10. just curious

    if vlan tagging works, then connecting the mio tv to your SLM2008 or your router should make it working ?

  11. Yes. It should work. It has reported that it works. But I don't watch mio tv so I did not turn it on and could not provide more details on hoes the performance.

  12. Hi ken,

    Would like to seek your advice on the following infrastructure plans:

    Room 1

    Singtel ISP 1 Modem
    → MioTV
    → Homeplug 1 (Network: HomeWAN1)

    Living Room

    Starhub ISP 2 Modem
    → Homeplug 2 (Network: HomeWAN2)

    Room 2

    Two Homeplugs (Homeplug 3 and Homeplug 4)
    → Dual-WAN Router WAN 1 (Homeplug Network: HomeWAN1)
    → Dual-WAN Router WAN 2 (Homeplug Network: HomeWAN2)

    Dual-WAN Router LAN
    → Access Point
    → Homeplug 5 (Homeplug Network: HomeLAN)

    Room 3

    Homeplug 6 (Homeplug Network: HomeLAN)
    → Managed Desktop Switch

    Managed Desktop Switch
    → Server, NAS
    → Printer
    → Access Point

    What do you think of this following setup or do you have any other ideas to improve on this?

  13. I took a quick look at what you try to do, but I don't think it will work. Coz you cannot run two different network on the home plug. If you still want to do this, you have to tagged your mio Internet with a managed switch and then tagged StarHub with another managed switch, then, when it arrived at the other end, there is a switch do the untagging, and distribute to different router... That is the first step, and it requires 3 managed switch to do so... Your network will get very complicated....

  14. Hi Ken,

    I m living in a 3 room HDB flat. My TP is in the opposite end of the living room and I was using the com trend PoE adaptor. Mio TV was frequently freezing. Hence I have removed it.. now if I upgrade to fiber and use a AZtech home plug between the 2wire and singtel setup box will it work fine? meaning

    TP --> ONT --> 2 Wire --> AZtech Home Plug ---> AZtech Home Plug --> Mio TV STB
    If yes what is the recommended AZtech home plug I should look for?

  15. Your configuration is just what i needed!!
    Just 2 questions:
    1) is that any router out there with vlan tagging and gigabit lan to recommend? So that i can omit the need for the Cisco Linksys SLM2008.

    2)my ONT is different from your (mine is black) not sure does that affect the configuration or not. I heard some sites say they activate only one LAN port for the black ONT.

  16. Hi Ken,
    Your configuration is helpful.

    My questions:
    1.Can you check whether most/all ports are blocked? (not sure whether singtel, SLM2008T or my laptop OS blocking the ports)

    I can browse internet websites google from my laptop following your configuration, verify VLAN tagging/untagging, disable firewall on Win_7 laptop....however, showing all ports are blocked (80,21,etc)?

    ZTE black ONT
    Cisco SLM2008T
    Laptop (Port_2 of SLM2008T)
    2WIRE A5520N (Port_3 of SLM2008T)

    Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Yours is ZTE Black ONT and Pace 5520N Router.I think SingTel give you new ONT and RG.

      Anything below than may 12,it will be Ericison T063G ONT,Pace 5012NV and Motorola VIP1200AP mio TV STB.

  17. @Ed

    Do you run email servers, web servers at the first place? If no, then, it will shown as "block" as in the first place there is not such servers running on yang of your PC.

    Hope this help.


  18. @Anonymous

    Bro, you have two network setup, one by your asus router who is up tagging the Singtel VLan. That router gives you one network. And your HP3 goes into Cisco managed switch to untagged another network. If both network are not linked together, you cannot see each other. In order to see them, each network must be given a different Private IP range, and connect them together, and on your router, add routes to see each other. For simple home network setup, that is becoming very complicated. So, I suggest you only use one single router, and from there, use your HP1-3 to connect to others.

  19. @Trex

    Hi, asus black diamond comes with a special firmware that caters for Singapore market. When I design my network, they don't have that. Later, asus did a great job to include that. So you can search the web for such info. Asus black diamond up till today is still the best wan to LAN router, which is important.

    Your ont from Singtel should do the same function if it goes into the mio 2wirebox. So, unstill need asus or Cisco to untagged them.

  20. @Immortal

    Your network setting is ok. This blog post is about how to ditch Singtel 2wire to gain speed on Internet. I don't use mio tv, though I have the box. But by right, your network should work. I used HL115EP for my network to stream video over power line, no problem for a year or two. But it still depends on what electrical appliance that u have at home that will create the power noise.


  21. Looks like many have problem with that 2WIRE junk. Why can SingTel not dump it or improve the performance..?

    I have the same problem that DHCP does not work (or very unstable to say the least).

    My network:

    Room 1 (ground Floor)
    ONT-> 2WIRE -> HL115EP
    -> NAS -> Media server

    Room 2 (ground floor)
    HL110EW -> MioTV (and providing wireless extension)

    Second floor
    HL110EP -> NetGear N300 -> Printer
    -> Desktop
    -> wireless coverage on second floor

    The NetGear300 was provided by SingTel to get an accesspoint on the 2nd floor. It is configured with DHCP disabled (i.e. as an accesspoint only)


    1) The 2WIRE does not seem to be able to rout traffic to the printer. I can only reach the printer if I'm connected to the NetGear300 (Wired or wireless)

    2) The HL110EW "line" seems like it can only handle 1 connection at the time. If I watch MioTV, I can not get internet access through the HL110EW over wireless. Likewise, if I am connected wireless to internet, the MioTV box does not get IP address from 2WIRE.

    Any suggestions?

    I found some articles suggesting to place the 2WIRE in "bridge mode" and use the router functionality of the NetGear300 instead (i.e. enable DHCP). Would that solve my network problems?

    Any other thoughts?

  22. @Anders Berglund

    If Singtel is the one that provide the entire solution, did you try asking them, see what they say? When watch mio tv, Internet should work.

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  24. Hi Ken.

    Would like to get some info from u.

    May I know which the below setup work ???

    ONT > HL125 > RT-N56U(IP) > 1.ACryan/2.Xbox360/3.IPcam1

    > HL115(A) > TP-Link Switch > 1.Rig/2.DiskStation

    > HL115(B) > PACE(IP) > 1.MioTV/2.DVD Player

    Wifi > IPcam2,3&4, Laptop, MobilePhones & iPad.

    December 26, 2012 9:02 PM

  25. Hey Ken,

    I know nothing about network but it appears that I kinda messed up my network and I cant find any help online but ur blog which I found and I think u can help me.

    Possible to laise with me over email at ingk.aiser at gmail dot com?