Monday, June 27, 2011

Polliwogs & Justin's Birthday

Date: June 26, 2011

Jay Jay's friend, Justin has invited Jay Jay to go to his birthday party @ Polliwogs.  This is the second time Jay Jay been there.  And he already keep bugging me to hold his birthday party at Polliwogs.  And I am still thinking about it.. as this is the second birthday party @ Pollowogs for this year.  (Last time, Anerton's birthday party is also held here!)

Screen shot 2011-06-27 at PM 09.59.12.png

But you got to admit it, it is a great place to hold party.  You got nice sea views, you got big area, and you got nice slides, not to dangerous, and you have nice food here too.  The New Zealand ice cream is also nice.


I think Kay Kay also loves this place too, given the fact that he has slide down this slide for 10+ time.


What is Jay Jay looking at?  Argh... the balls that float in the air... there is a strong air current blowing at the middle and you can actually place the ball on top of it, and the ball simple hangs and float around there... so, it becomes a perfect target for the air gun to shoot at...


Ah... yes, its Justin's birthday today...


Let's the game begin...


Some kids just love dinosaurs...  Here is Justin's cake...


Ok, we sit down already... where is the food?


Jessica, Clare and Jay Jay... hmm, Jay Jay keeps putting a big smile in his face...


Riandi's sister Gwensays... I want cake...


Oh ya... Gwen is actually Kay Kay's classmate, and her brother, Riandi is Jay Jay's classmate... and guess what, the parents went to the same pre-natal course with us... and both mommy delivers at Mount Elizabeth... Quite a coincident...


That concludes the fun time we had at Justin's Birthday @ Polliwogs.  And I am still thinking whether to grant Jay Jay's request to have his party at Polliwogs... hmmmm... hard decisions to make... let's see how la...

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