Sunday, December 19, 2010

Golf Day #3 - Mission Hills Norman Course

OK... Yesterday's Olazabal course was a very good course... that is why, we ask our agent to book another game at Mission Hills.  And today, we are going to play at this even challenging course - the Norman Course.


The start of tee time is 10:40am.  Benney has left Shen Zhen, so, we have only 3 balls in the flight.  To make the game more fun, I joined in the skinned game, and Mr. Lim gave me 7/7 and my partner gave me 6/6.  To make it even more fun, we hired 3x Golden Caddies including Mr. Lim's favourite lucky caddie.  So, the game should be leveled.  We even have a Caddie Captain in the team, so, the game should be more challenging.


The course is very nice, and the first 9 hole is just OK.  I enjoyed it, although, I only managed to skin 1 hole on a Par 3 where I boogie the hole.  But my game was sucked.  So, to prevent my caddie for not earning any money, Mr. Lim suggested that I bet with my caddie 谢蕾 with the following betting rules...

If I score a birdie, caddie pays me RMB 30

If I have a par, caddie pays me RMB 20

If I do a boogie, caddie pays me RMB 10

If I have a double boogie, I pay caddie RMB 10

If I have a tripple boogie, I pay caddie RMB 20

If I have a quadruple boogie, I pay caddie RMB 30

If I have a blown hole, with maximum 5 over, I pay caddie RMB 40

Hmm... I think my caddie has gotten the best deal among the caddies.  Why?  because, If I played well, I skinned both of them, then, both will need to pay RMB 10 to her.  Of course, she have to pay RMB 10 to me if I did a boogie for example.  And when I played badly, I pay both the caddies, and I also pay my caddie.  So, to her, she win $$ whether I win or lose.

According to Mr. Lim, this is the only way to keep me play well instead of blow up the hole.  Well, after 2 days of golf, I was a bit tired.  It is not a short and easy course.  But I enjoy it.  So, I took up the challenge.


It is not an easy course at all!  The first nine is OK, challenging, but the bottom nine is even more challenging.  Especially when the rains and cold wind comes.  It was the betting systems and the skin game that keep me going.  My fingers are sores, and my arms and legs are cramping. But I am having lots of fun!


The course is beautiful and excellent.  I specially like this hole 15.  Because, I suppose to played very well with 2 shots on the edge of the green.  But when I put, It was a little bit too hard, and it went down to the huge bunker.  And this bunker is huge.  If you get it out but have not landed the ball at the correct spot, it rolls down 50 yards beside the bunker.  Hahaha... that was what happened to me, and I have to settle down with Triple.  But I skinned that hole.  hahaha As the other two does not played well here.

At the end of the game, we were all wet.  The caddie did an excellent job.  Mr. Lim skinned 8 holes, my partner skinned 7, and I only managed to take 2.  The last hole is squared.  So, after all calculations, Mr. Lim's caddie got RMB 330 as tips, with the winnings.  My partner's caddie got RMB 300, and as for my caddie, she is the biggest winner, she has RMB 340.  So, as you can see, it was fun, it does no matter who comes up with the money most, but at the end of the day, the caddie got our winnings as prizes and their tips.

And we all have fun for the past 3 days.  And we all are tired, extremely tired and pains is everywhere after the game.

My new year resolutions is to train up and play better golf next year, and hopefully go below 100.


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