Friday, December 31, 2010

Jay Jay & Music

One day, Jay Jay demands "Mommy, I want to buy a guitar..."...

So, mommy went to the Mother Works @ Great World City... and bought the following for Jay Jay.


Jay Jay opens the guitar box and then, he asked: "Why this guitar does not have the stick?"

Mommy: "A stick?  ? What stick?"

Jay puts the guitar at his neck and make a pose... "There should be a stick here..."


Mommy & Daddy then says "That's a violin! Jay!"

Jay Jay "Yes.  I want a violin..."

We were not sure why he wanted a violin, but we can see that he really wanted it.  So, Mommy searches the Internet, makes some phone calls and we found her... Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings.


She sells a lot of violins including the kids violins.... and a few expensive collectors violins...


So, after we used various methods to ask Jay Jay if he is interested to learn violin, we finally made our decision of "renting" a violin for Jay Jay for 1 month, and sent him to a 3x trial class to see what is his reaction towards music.  So, the kids violins actually cost around S$290.   But we wanted to play safe, so, we rent it for a month for S$60.  If he really shows interest and talent, well, no harm buying it la.

Then, I saw this... Ukulele... a small size four strings guitar, and I asked Rita for the price, and she says is S$72.  I was like, laughing to the ground, and I bought the Ukulele home for myself. IMG_3045.JPG

Why I laugh?  Because I told my wife, I once bought a guitar 20 years ago for S$60.  So, when she bought the colorful guitar from Mother Works for S$69, I told her it is very expensive and she does not believe me.  So, when we knew about Ukelele's price, I was so happy that, I don't even think twice and bought it... because, it is cheap, and the quality is so good, and the sound is so crystal clear.  But the song books cost $33 though.  hahahaha

We should always expose our kids to all kinds of things.  Slowly observe them and try to find out what they like, and groom their interest.  But not to forcefully make them learn things.  So far, we went thru the tennis lessons at Tennis Tots, the swimming class with teacher Angelina, Jay have put in efforts in learning the swimming, and his interest of tennis is minimal.

Now, let's wait and see about the violin class goes.  We rented the violin, and put him on three trial classes.  I will update this blog on his progress as the first class is on Sunday 11:45am.



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