Tuesday, May 3, 2011

GE 2011: Why Civil Servant don't have to vote only for PAP?

Date:  May 3, 2011

Last week, when I was talking to some of my Singaporean friends... they will give me this indications...

"Oh, my sister is a civil servant, she must vote PAP!"

"My dad working in a government agency, he will make us vote for PAP!"



WOW!  I think the government = PAP uses the scare tactic very effectively.  The question is: "If you are a civil servant, do you really need to vote only for PAP only?"

==> Who are the one saying this?

==> Voting is secret, no one should know who you vote for.

==> How did your bosses know who you vote for if you don't talk about it.

Actually, I was wondering how many civil servants are out there?  The police, army, the civil defense, the government agency such as IRAS, CPF, etc, the teachers, WAH... so many.

If this is a mandate set by the government, I think the government has already won a lot of votes.  Just think about it, how many voters are from the civil servants sector.  This is a democratic country, therefore, all votes should be secret, even if you are a civil servant, you have ALL THE RIGHT to vote for people you like, even if they are the oppositions.

There is no such thing that if you are civil servant and you must vote for PAP.

The voting process, as explained by Silvia Lim and gang, are very safe, and secretive.  No one will know who you vote for.  The serial number on the voting slip is merely just to have uniques tickets.  That's it.

So, don't be fool by the PAP-inclined supervisors telling you that you must vote for PAP.

OK.  敬老尊贤 respecting your mom and dad is one thing.  When you reach the age where you can vote, you should vote on your own, but not your father or mother forcing you to vote.  So, if your dad is a civil servant, and if you vote fore Oppositions, the government will not know.  If they do, something is very wrong here.

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