Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goods from Taobao via CinaGoods.Com

Date:  May 5, 2011

The packages arrived on May 3, 2011.  But I was a bit busy reading the GE 2011 blogs, so, did not manage to open it until yesterday... As usual, the agent will packed all these into a box and sent over here via EMS (China's Post equivalent of DHL)...


For this shipment, I also bought quite a lot of things.  Let's go thru them...


I definitely buy my Crocs from China.  All Crocs shoe are made in China.  And these are the left over, and some could be factory outlet model, etc.


My wife is definitely going crazy, as I have bought 4new pairs of Crocs for myself.  HaHaHaHa..  The last 2 pair from the right, is about S$5 per pair, I can see the finishing is not done correctly, and it smell rubber.  The first 3 pair is ranged about S$17-S$19, that comes with real Crocs tag, and the material feels like the Crocs... So, not that bad, 3 real, 2 fake.  I am trying out few new stores... So, for Crocs, I think we can buy from here...


And I bought these 3 pairs for Jay Jay.  These are real one when I check the quality.  That is why is roughly S$20 per pair.


Mickey Mouse:

White Crocs:


Jay Jay loves to play Angry Bird.  So, I bought some soft toys for him.  5 for S$12.  Cannot find it in Singapore yet.  But popular book store sell some bigger one, at S$12 each bird.


As for these hang on mobile phones one, it is  about S$15 for 8.  Not cheap, but new.



My favorite game.  Citadel.  Now comes in Chinese version.  And guess what?  It's only S$2 for this game (RMB9.99).  Really cheap!  Really worth it... I don't know why I buy this when I have the English version, but anyway, buy first then play later...


HaHaHaHa... My wife will love this.  This is the tool to dig your ear, that comes with 3 different digger, and LED lights.  So that it can brighten up your ear hole and dig it.  This is dirt cheap.  This one is 20 cents each.  So I bought 10 of them, as the local shipping is RM10 for qty of 1 or 10.  So, mind as well buy 10.  So, you probably can get this from Daiso, but I can get 10 for $2.


So as these luggage locks.  The lock is S$1.60 each.  From the travel store, they probably sell at S$10 or $15.


Selinna asked me to buy 2 of these battery charger for iPhone 4.  Not too bad too the price.  But in terms of quality, yet to know.  It is S$20 each.  I saw people selling these for about $60 in Suntec IT mall.


I saw this tea glass and it is really nice.  So, I bought it.  And I also bought one for Nicole (Not Seah...).  The cup is close to S$6.  The quality is nice.  And now, I can buy some tea leaves and soak my Chinese tea.


Yes, I know, not suppose to buy food from Taobao.  But, I cannot resist it.  Of course, I check and check the reputation of the shop, and things they sell, and learned that they are OK to buy from the comments given.  The tea is about S$2 each bottle.  Smooth tea, and the Ge-Hua is the tea to drink before you go drinking alcohol.  :)

Okay, I feel good for these stuff I bought.  Happy with the quality I have chosen.  Again, it is very safe to buy things from China, as long as you spend all the time to read the comments, to read the descriptions and to do comparisons between shops, etc.  OK, I am going to place some order again, this time is for iPad2 gears, covers, etc...  Any one who wish to tag along my orders, please let me know.


Total Local Delivery for these goods are RM175, about S$35, and total International delivery is RM352, about $80.  The goods are about S$230.  So, in total, I paid about S$350 for these.  I estimated the goods If I buy from Singapore is about S$800-S$900... so, a good 60% savings... :)  Got to find ways to cut down the local/international delivery thou...


Note 1.  All prices mentioned above are price of good sold from the Taobao store.  It does not includes the LOCAL delivery and INTERNATIONAL delivery.  Local delivery is usually RM10 within the country, but some can sent you via expensive methods.  So, you need to beware and ask the buyer to use cheap delivery (of course timing is longer).

Note 2.  Usually, you cannot buy directly from Taobao shop.  So, you can go thru agent such as, it is run by my friends in Beijing.




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