Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hokone Day Trip

Date: May 14, 2011

Hakone (箱根) is a small town just outside Tokyo, but it is very famous for it's Onsen (Hot Spring). Of course, it also have a few things that is interesting. This is how we created the fun for Jay and Kay.


We started the journey to take the Hakone Tozan Train, and let Jay sit behind the driver compartment. You can tell when he is happy, from his cheeky smile.



Most of the kids love train. You let them see what's inside the cockpit, they will keep talking about it for the whole day.


Japanese tourism is very well organized, they have all the point of interests posted every way so to make sure you go there.


Then, you put him behind the cable car captain. Again, he is amazed but all the things, how it all get done, and work together.



And here we are, the worlds longest ropeway.



Just in case you were wondering where is Kay Kay. Yeap, sleeping. It's his nap time.


Don't forget to bring along the binocular, as the kids can see very far. I know, it's 500g extra baggage, but we packed it anyway.


Here is a nice shot of the Liews.



We stopped at this 大涌谷. This is the place where you put normal egg, into the sulfuric hot spring, the egg shells become black. But first, let's eat. Hungry...



My noodles. See the black thing in the bowl. It is a very hot black stone, and they use that to cook my soup.



It's boiling.



And this is black curry. First time I heard about this, and eat this. I think they used squid ink to color it.



This is the black egg. And inside, it just looks like normal egg. It is said that it can extend seven years if you eat this. I ate 4, so I will like 28 years more longer.



There is a small little play ground there too.



Never forget to stop by. See how happy the mommy and the two kids.



Choo Choo... I told you, the kids love the trains.


And we then continue our journey. Suppose to see Mt. Fuji.


And we are lucky. Mt. Fuji.



At the end of the ropeway, let's get on to the pirate ship...



Let's sail our way to the other port...


Don't forget to take a picture with the pirate.

Then, we walk a very ancient cider walk. About 15 minutes walk.

By then, every one was tired for the day trip, and we changed our mind not to take the return pirate ship back, and we grab a bus and head back to hotel to enjoy our onsen bath after the long walk. And the bus takes about 30 minutes to reach the town.


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