Monday, May 2, 2011

A Poor & Hungry Dinner Night

Date:  May 1, 2011

OK.  I have learned my lesson.  I will never go out without cash for dinner.  Who will expect that there are still famous restaurant that does not accept NETS or Credit Card?

Yesterday, we wanted to eat at the Clementi Mall (just open not long ago).  Unfortunately, when we see the long queue, we dropped that idea.

Then, the next logical place is to go to the Clementi Botak Jones that side there.  But the car park is equally full.

So, we went to Sunset way, thinking that every body would have gone to the rally, but it says 40 empty car park slots but we found none inside (mostly are red empty slots for seasons).

So, no choice, we go up north, to this Paper Chicken place where I had never brought my family to before.  So, we turned left into the car park, and we are fortunately to find one car park place to park our car.


And here we are, in the restaurant.  Also full of people.

Luckily I asked the waitress if they accept cards, and she says NO.  So, I dig and dig my wallet and pockets, and car, we found $79 or cash (with $8 coins).  It is our worst nightmare.  There are 5 of us, the kids are very hungry after the swimming.  So, we got to settle here and eat.  And the food, drinks are not cheap.

Most of the time, I don't care about the price and just order and eat.  But tonight special, I kept adding the food price and drinks and wet tissue, etc.  So, I end up ordering the following...

10 pcs PaPer Chicken $12

1x Kai Lan $8

1x Big Plate Noddle $8

1/2 Pi Pa Duck (琵琶鸭) $23

1x Pork Leg Vinegar (猪脚醋) $10

2x Chinese Tea $2

2x Warm Water $0.08

No Wet Tissue $0

Order another Small Plate Noodle $3, but never came.

So, the owner gave us a plate of orange and Jelly free.



The Paper Chicken is very nice.  Taste Good, and tender.


The Pi Pa Duck is a bit too crispy.  But it taste good too.


The Pork Leg Vinegar is surprisingly very very nice.  I like the taste.

They don't sell White Rice.  Only Noodles.  But the Noodles with oyster sauces are very tasty!

So, everything is within budget!  We are happy, our stomach are happy, and phew... We still think it is funny that we have to count every cents to eat this meal.



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