Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Disneyland@Tokyo - Our First Trip

Date: May 16, 2011

After our half day English speaking tour, we decided to take the train down to Maihama station. This is where Disneyland is located. The weather was extremely nice on that day, and we also learned that tomorrow going to be a cloudy day and possibly rainy day.


So, one thing about our free and easy trip is that, we are flexible and can change our schedule any time we wanted too. So, originally, we planned to visit Disneyland on a day trip, now, we extended it to two days to cover both Disneyland and Disneysea.



After the earthquake, there is a lot lesser people come to Disneyland. Still you can see lots of people, but a lot lesser. This is good in a sense that you have shorter queue to wait for a ride. It is much fun.



Compare to other places, according to my wife, Hong Kong one too packed, US one not many people, so, visiting Tokyo Disneyland at this time is the best. Oh ya, she been to Tokyo Disneyland before...



Ok, I am hungry, let's find a decent restaurant to eat first.



Our very first ride is the Grand Prix Race Car. The feeling is like a real car race.


Jay Jay gets to sit in the driving seat.

Kay Kay loves the car ride too.

You can see how much Jay enjoys the car ride.

It's time for Kay Kay play in the playground while PaPa go to sit other toddler friendly ride...


Kay Kay really loves to play there.



Here comes Daisy.


We sit in a flying Jet.


Posing at a cartoon car.



Ok, we are now in Roger the Rabbit car. It was dark, Jay don't really likes it, but he loves to spin the car.



Oh, it's Gooffy.



Here comes the Easter Parade. We sat at a very good spot.



Both Jay and Kay enjoying the shows.



This is my first roller coaster ride.



We sat in the cup.


And lastly, all of us were very tired. We sat the Mickey Monorail and then take the train back to hotel.

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