Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vacation - Day Zero - Japan

Date:  May 12, 2011

Next Tuesday is Vesak holiday.  So, if you take this Friday, next Monday and Wednesday, you have a 6-days power vacation.  May take Friday off to make it super long weekend (10 days)...

Destination:  Hakone/Tokyo Japan


Purpose:  Believe Japan, Trust Japan & Support Japan!

What I have to say:  Yes Yes I know.  May be I come back with Spider Boy and Hulk Boy leh?  HaHaHa...  If the radiation is that bad, Tokyo should be a empty ghost town by now.  A little tiny bit of radiation, yes.  But will affect your health and cause permanent damage to your body systems, I don't think so.  Let's go and check it out.  Support Japan!

Key Targets:  (must achieve in this trip)

1.  Mt.  Fuji - Just to see it from far, can declare mission accomplish!


2.  Onsen @ Hakone, Visit Lake Ashi with boat and cable car.  Wife booked a Ryokan there, 2 nights cost a bomb.  As long as she don't ask me to pay for it, I will be fine.  The Ryokan is almost 3 pax plane tickets + 2 night stay in Tokyo for 4 pax.  But as long as wife happy and she pays for it (that's the only thing she has to pay, as that is the only thing she booked herself, hahahaha), we enjoy it, then is ok liao.


3.  Tokyo Tower.  Jay Jay watched Mater's Tale (Disney's Cars) and there was one episode where Mater racing the Japanese Gangster car, and drift its way to the Tokyo Tower.  So, he knows hows Tokyo tower looks like and wanted to go there himself to see it.


So, we decided to have a half day trip to Tokyo Tower...


4.  Disneyland or DisneySea.  OK.  I actually have not been to any Disneyland before.  And it is certainly the first time I hear DisneySea.  I didn't even know there are such things


5.  Shinkansen ride.  We purposely go to Kansai airport, and then back from Narita airport.  So, we need to take a Shinkansen from Kyoto/Osaka/Kansai to Hakone.  Jay Jay will definitely be happy about it.  By the way, this is Jay's 3rd trip to Japan.   He could not forget about Shinkansen ever since the first trip to Japan in 2008.


6.  Lastly, shopping.  Akihabara, Shibuya, Shinjuku... and 24 hours shopping... I am going to be tired...


OK, for this trip, we brought only 1 big luggage and 1 backpack and 1 stroller.  That's it.  As for me, I packed my iPad2 and 2x 10W charger and my Canon S90 camera.  It is the lightest packed since we have Jay.  Will update and see what kind of adventure we have.  I had never been to Tokyo before, so, it is going to be fun!  Kay Kay is almost 2 years old (another 3 more months).  And Jay Jay has already grown up to know more things, and has more knowledge, so, he should have lots of fun.  Especially that he is very looking forward to go to Tokyo Tower!

OK.. got to do last checking on the luggage and will soon go to Airport!  And of course, I already book from SingTel 6 days of Bridge Mobile 3G roaming with Softbank.  :)


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