Sunday, September 8, 2013

Karate Robot

Date:  Sep 8, 2013

I think Teacher Enzo @ Wonders Work did a very wonderful job.  

He always can come up with very interesting project to keep the kids to keep on coming back.

This week...

Meet the Evil Big Boss robot.

1.  He will keep laughing (play back laughing WAV file) every 30 seconds.

2.  He has 4 touch sensors on his body.  If you hit any of it, it will move backwards 2 steps.

3.  When he is hit, he will raise his sword/stick in front so that it make the difficulties to hit more challenging.

4.  He stays in the square.

IMG 6973

This week project is...

a.  Design (freely) a robot to fight the evil big boss robot.

b.  The aim is to design arms and legs to hit the touch sensor of the evil big boss robot.

c.  Once you hit the evil big boss robot, you must move backwards.

d.  hit the evil big boss robot until it moves out of the square box.

IMG 6972

Playful Jay Jay designed a robot with very very long arms.  The arms are so long that he has to build two wheels to support it underneath.

Aiyo… When you see it, you immediately know it won't work.  

IMG 6976

Look how funny Jay Jay robot is.


No wonder Jay Jay has to spent more time to troubleshoot and figure out why it does not work as it intended to.  HaHaHa

I like teacher Enzo, because, he will let the student design freely on the robot and he will then help the student to achieve what the student wanted the robot do.

Even if he knows the design will not work.  But he will assist the student to make that mistake.

IMG 6981

So, Jay Jay finally understand that this robot with long arms will not work.

So, teachers put two models/sample in front of Jay and ask how should Jay Jay modify his robot.

IMG 6993

Finally he changed it.  The robot arms now becomes very very short.

IMG 7004

More work has to be done when you have short arm.

IMG 7008

And then after a number of tries, he added a horizontal bar in front so that the robot arm can cover much bigger space.

And let's try it out.


Check out Kee Wei's hammer hand.


So the kids one by one keep on trying to punch the touch sensor.


Finally a direct hit.  The bad robot make two moves back.


Poor evil big boss got beaten up by all the Karate robots.

IMG 7049

Another hit.  Yeah!

IMG 7054

Finally, the Evil robot got defeated.  Yeah!

IMG 7065

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