Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tae Kwondo In the Water

Date:  Sep 28, 2013

We miss the swimming pool so much.  For three whole weeks that the swimming pool is under renovation, and we did not hit the water.

Yesterday, the swimming pool finally open, so, we hit the pool early.  I just finished around of golf, so, it is good for me to relax my muscles too.

I am glad that Jay Jay has finally not afraid of water, and can survive in the water.  

So, I told him, ancient Chinese Kung Fu man learn and practise their pattern in the water.  That will increase strength (内功).

IMG 8249

So, the next thing he do, is to practise his taekwondo pattern in the water.

He actually did pretty good in this.  Good job Jay!

I like the way how he punched in the water, and kicked in the water.  HaHaHa. 

Next, let's race.

IMG 8253

I give him about 10m, and swim free style together with him.

It is not to swim fast, but I want to see if he can really swim if one day he is dropped into the water.

And yes, of course he can!

Always bring your camera (water proof) to the swimming pool, and try to video down all these small little event.  After that, you can play it on the TV, and show the kids how they did and give encouragement.

It is good for them, as these home videos will bring back lots of memories.  Their precious childhood memories.  

Wait a minute, where is Kay Kay.

Oh, Kay Kay scared of water, so, he does not want to come down.  OK.  Tomorrow we shall see.

Tomorrow, his swimming class resume.  Let's see how we can fix this water phobia thing.

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