Sunday, April 24, 2011

@Esplanade Stage: 881 (Papaya Sisters)

Date:  April 24, 2011

Ever since I graduated in 1988 from my high school, I don't recall I have ever step foot into any theater to watch a drama or musical drama.  It was back done, the young Ken still have lot's of passion for stage drama, but after 23 years later, I still enjoy watching the play..


OK... The show started around 8pm, and if you are late, you can always get the tickets your friend left you with the usher.


This is a drama of the Papaya Sisters, how they become the top singing group at Getai, and how they fall in love with the same man, and how one of them die.


The stage curtains is 881.


Before the show begins, you can see some of the actors and actresses are at the audience place to mingle around.


Later we all give it a good love after we see how these actors transform into another role, be it guy or gal.


This handsome "Ah Long" really has his name card printed with the name "Ah Long".


There is some good conversations are in Hokkien.  And very fortunate that there are two TV screens that is showing the subtitle in English and Chinese.  That is how we understand what are they singing about and what are the Hokkien about.


During half time, all of us went to take photos with the 881.  All of the gals got very big smile on their face.


This is me and Boon Ching.  And I am wearing a grandma flower pattern short sleeve shirt.


After two and a half hour, the show ended, and all the actors and actresses came out to say thank you!


You can get an autographed CD if you queue up.  Looking at the queue, forget it!

Overall Rating:  I think the show is very entertaining.  If you know a bit of Hokkien, then, you will enjoy the show.  If you know how to swear in Hokkien, then, this will even be more funnier.  The best performance I would say is from the Fu, Lu & Shou (lead by Sebastian Tan).  It was so funny, and without them, the 881 will be very dry.  Everytime when the Fu Lu Shou came out, you will sure be laughing until your stomach pain. HaHaHaHa.  The performance for the Papaya Sisters are good too.  Joanna Dong is good, and she can sing.  Not to mention the Romanian Ang Moh Durian group.  When they sing Hokkien, you cannot catch what they are singing, when they sing English, especially the "Xiao Xiu Mai..... Kia Su Face" (Poker Face of Lady Gaga)... Aiyo, I laugh and laugh and laugh.  The costumes is fantastic.

Recommendation:  Buy the ticket and go see.  We bought the $88.10 ticket.

After the show:  HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

Inspired by the AngMor Durian, we later went to eat durian at 717.

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