Thursday, April 28, 2011

GE 2011 - Why concern? You are not even Singaporean!!

Date: April 28, 2011


1.  A lot of my friends are very puzzled.  Ken, you are not a Singaporean, how come you are so interested in our country politics.  And you seems to support opposition.  why?

==> Although I am not Singaporean, I am a PR who worked in Singapore.  And every year, I pay tax.  Every time I buy things, I pay GST.  Every time, I go outside, I am damn piss off with the Wireless@SG that uses our tax payer money, and implement some worst public WiFi service in the world.  That is why I wanted to know more about the GE 2011.  And Guess what, the more I knew, the more I become angry.  And my thoughts are, Singapore cannot have a single party government.  It is not right, you must have opposition "noise" in the government.  I came from Malaysia, and I saw how Anwar and the oppositions make it back to the Parliament.  I saw how Penang was well managed by Opposition.  And guess what, do you know Kuala Lumpur is belong to the opposition?  I also see how Perak was once managed well by Opposition, until, the BN got the Perak state back, and then all development stagnant.  That is why I know it is important to have some opposition in the government so that policies are not simply any how being approved and made.  So that there is a checking point.  Everybody already know that, PAP is going to win the GE 2011.  But it cannot be opposition only have 2 out of 87 seats in Parliament.  So, I was hoping to see, opposition at least have 7-9 seats out of the 87.  By having such minority in there, it does make some different.  At least the ruling party also think twice before passing a policies.


2.  So, when does it all started?


==>  It all started from her.  A 27 years old chic participate in election, and wanted to be a MP.  Yes, we must give her the credit.  From this young face, it attracts people like me to actually go to see what is going on, why government is recommending this young girl to become the next MP.  Then, I think she does not know what is "Social Media" impact, and did not even think of creating a new facebook page or what so ever, people start "digging" things out from the facebook.  The "Kate Spade" photo la, the "dump your boyfriend and married a government connection 40 years old la", the "stomp your feet and I don't know what to say la"... all these negative things seems to back fire this poor kid.  So, at that time, my only interest is to see and look for you tubes of hers, and then, all linked to a group of unhappy Singaporean discussing about PAP, etc... andI continue to read all these shocking and shioking things that is not available on The Straits Times.

And then, there is another cute chic in the block, she suddenly appeared...


And she is only 24, even younger then the 27 years old.  And WOW... she looks pretty... So, you know, lets hunt for more youtube, and hoping to find something more interesting...  So, when you see her youtube, it is totally different class of performance between the two youngster.  This one is very mature despite of her young age.  And she is totally clean at least for now.  And every words from her mouth are very powerful.  i.e. telling her seniors that "I will take this questions from the press (myself, don't help me)"... that actually shows that she is ready and mature to take any questions and she has her own opinion, and she wanted to bring changes...

So, you then thought the 27 years old was brought in to do something on Social Media for PAP and yet, she only has 3140 likes for a months of efforts... and Vs the 24 years old... the facebook page was setup on April 14, only merely 2 weeks, 31,293 likes, and YES, "REAL LIKES" (not fake one)... and if you read her comments, she really did a lot of hard work... So, Singapore should have a lot of people like her, and perhaps PAP should have asked her to jump ship to PAP, but then, she is little Nonya, and won't be Miss Yes-Lady, then, how?

Screen shot 2011-04-28 at AM 06.27.09.png VS. Screen shot 2011-04-28 at AM 06.28.55.png

So, as you can see, that is how I started to read Singapore GE 2011 news, and start making comments.  And I am sure there are thousands of people like me also, do the same thing.  i.e. Wow, cute chic, search for youtube, see facebook page.... Basket, why government like that one... and then... the next questions for Singaporean is "Who will you vote?"... all these will be the new generation votes and it is a swinging vote.  It can go to ruling party, and it can also go to opposition.


3.  Opposition need donations, funding, let's donate!

==> One day, I say this, asking for donation.  So, my thoughts is, even though I cannot vote, why don't I help the opposition a bit.  WAIT WAIT - NO  NO.  Thanks for a big NO NO shouted to me from my colleague in office.  Ken, you are NOT Singaporean, you cannot donate to them.  That will or may disqualify them as there are strict law governing that.   Oh, I see, lucky the web site does not have Paypal otherwise, it is a click away from me.  So, my question to my colleague is ... where is PAP's donation webpage?  And everybody laugh, I guess they know I wanted to donate to PAP now... hahahahahhaa  Yes, indeed, when you submit your nomination paper 35 seconds late, the election department will reject you.  And if you fill in the forms wrongly, i.e. "Unemployment", and the election department will allow that.  Hmmmm.... something is not right here, 无风不起浪!  There must be a certain facts being gathered.  But when the public service came and verified, the candidates no longer working for us, she is not clearing leave, etc etc...   What can you say?  you don't run their HR, all papers are confidential in HR, you know... hahahaha


4.  Your wife is Singaporean, you not afraid ah?

==> Aiya, voting is secret one la.  I don't know who she will vote, I think she very scared one, so, may be she vote for PAP for our children sake.  I am not going to break up my family just because of we have different opinion on GE 2011 issues.  I am guessing that because she wanted our kids to go good school, etc have good educations, although some one says it is cheap, but I don't think so, you know.  She is a good mother, good wife, and she got brain.  So, I am very sure and confident she will vote for what best for our family, and for the country.  HaHaHaHa

But as I observed, this country, the only paper media is "controlled", the only TV channel is "controlled".  So, there are a lot of scared tactics, and a lot of Singaporean, will normally get their news from the Straits Times and Mediacorp News channels.  So, I am guessing there are a lot a lot of Singaporeans may not see the real pictures out there.  They also afraid losing the PAP government.  Don't worry guys, you won't lose PAP.  PAP is going to win this election as well, with hard work.  Your opposition is not that strong in this country to over throne the ruling party.  So, don't worry.  But please be worry that if there is NO opposition in the government.  I don't want to pay 9% of GST.  I don't want to drive on a congested road, with so many ERP to pay.  I don't want to use that stupid Wireless@SG that most of the time does not work.


5.   So, what do you wish to get at the end?

==> 爽!That's all I wanted.  Makes be feel better when there are brave souls out there and winning a few seats (more seats than 2).  And hopefully these new opposition voice will really make a small difference, and this actually is enough for many Singaporeans who love their countries.


In conclusions, I cannot vote in Singapore, so, whatever I said is only purely my opinion from a outsider views.  Singapore is a free speech country, right?  So, I can say whatever I want, as long as I don't do personal attacks on any government persons, and as long as I don't flame up any illegal issues or topics, I guess I am fine.  I think that guy burning the vote slip is "not wise" and "may not have right brain functioning".   I am a professional, a non-Singaporean and wish to express some of my views towards some matters... hey, you don't like what I say, blame on those two cute chic facebook page... it all started from them, also, don't forget to blame on facebook and twitter, what a scary social media that delivers the truth (at least in my opinion) to everyone virally, and dangerously....  Oh ya... did PAP marketing team (do they have one?) really misunderstood when the MP says, please put up some Facebook Ads... Hmmmm.....

facebook ad.jpg

arghhhh... lastly, blame on Apple, for coming up with fantastic devices like iPhone, and iPad to read all these fantastic RSS/News real time ....

Good luck on May 7, 2011.  Make the right choice, you have your own brain, so, ask your brain what you should do.  And MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ...


Master Yoda, are you voting too?  Can you vote?  And who you voting to?  Remember, don't let other people use Jedi mind tricks on you, voting is secret!


oh... I think Master Yoda is just like me... cannot vote in Singapore.  But at least he can light up his lightsaber.  Oh Man, got to get one of these lightsaber.  hahahahaha




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  1. Nicely written Ken, I am in same position as you are. Singapore need some changes in its politic. Kind of ironic that in SE ASia, Singapore society is the most educated one, but its political system and media freedom is the most oppressed. Time for a change.