Monday, April 11, 2011

Bangkok Food: Kaithong

Every time I came to Bangkok, there seems to be a few surprises..


This is a restaurant very near to CAT.  (CAT is one of Thailand Telco, but they are also sort of regulator back in the old days).


First thing you notice, is the fabulous menu with great photos of the food.


The restaurant name is called Kaithong.  Sounds like "Chicken Soup" in Cantonese.


Then you notice that they serve you the beer in a icy cold ICE at the bottom...  It is a cool way to serve beer with ice as the surface area is smaller ...


The fatty pork liver is really good.


As the owner explained the soft shell crab, it sounds very delicious and there is not much oil in the dish as the crab is repelling water at the same time when you oil fry it.    Btw the owner can speak Cantonese.


The "Lat-Na" (Hor Fun) is really nice, we ordered a wet one, followed by dried one, etc.


No to forget the home made Durian Ice Cream...

I got a feeling that I going to come back for these food soon...


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