Monday, April 11, 2011

Visting Night Safari Without Kay

Date:  Apr 9, 2011

Okay, not every time when you visit a zoo, you need to bring the whole family.  That night, it was after a very heavy down pour, the weather was very cooling .... and after my 3 hours power nap... My wife suddenly says "I think its very good time to visit the night safari"... I looked at the watch, and it was 8:15pm, and Kay Kay has already sleep in... .... "LET'S DO IT!"


So, Jay Jay was so excited.  He has been looking forward to this.  As we did plan this trip for a while.  He even selected to wear this Animal shirt that Auntie Lilian bought for him last time because we are visiting the zoo.  And we did double confirm with him that will he stay awake for the night safari, he simply replied "Look PaPa, my eyes very BIG, I have monster EYE!"  hahahaha


Now using the Passion Card, you can save 20% of the entrance fees.  So, 2 big 1 small is about S$68 with the tram ride.  So at the restaurant there, we stop a while to look at the cultural shows.  Then, before the show ends, we quickly went into the Zoo before the crowd all rushed in.


The weather was just perfect for Night Safari.  We saw a lot of animals, including these wonderful Flamingoes...

However, we did not managed to get many photos that night, as we respect the rules of not using the Flash... But I did get the elephant though...


This is Cawang, the male elephant.


We do have lots of fun that night.  But Jay Jay was very tired after the tram ride, and his eyes was almost close.  And he slept in the car as soon as I started the engine.  :)








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