Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting Skillful on His Bike

Date: April 23, 2011

Jay is getting very skillful on his bike, but still, we still need to train him on two wheels instead of 4 wheels. :)


Yes.  He is still on his 4 wheels drive.


Now, he is very skillful in braking.  For this bike, the braking mechanism is to peddle the opposite direction to stop the wheels.


Water bottle is his energy drink.


And now, he really knows how to pose.


And put a very big smile on his face.


We usually will ride from Park West to the Clementi drain (the big long kang) there.  IMG_5699.jpg

There is this inclined road that we have to go thru, and this is where Jay will come down and pull and push his bike down.


The weather is very nice, and some lots of people jogging here, and some taking photos of the birds...


After half way, we will have to stop and I go buy some Pao for them to eat.

Like this, we peddles around 5KM and it was a good exercise indeed.

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