Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tau Eu Bak

Date: April 4, 2011

These few days, my wife got to entertain her colleagues from overseas.  So, I will be the cook for these few days.

My version of Tau Eu Bak.  (In Hokkien, Tau Eu is Soya Sauce)



a.  1-2 piece of prok meat, for health conscious -> lean, for those doesn't care -> fat

b.  Tau Eu (dark soya sauce) - either salty or sweet one doesn't matter


c.  More Tau Eu (light soya sauce) & White Pepper


d.  Rock Sugar - this is to sweeten the Tau Eu Bak, throw a few in


e.  Star Aniseeds (Ba-Jiao) - throw a few in


f.  Cloves (Ding-Xiang) - throw a few in


g.  Cinnamon sticks - throw a few in


Cooking Steps:

1.  Boil the water

2.  Put Pork Meat into the boiling water

3.  Pour 2-4 spoonful of the Dark Soya Sauce, this is for coloring

4.  Pour 2-4 spoonful of Light Soya Sauce, this is for the salty taste

5.  Put in the yellow rock sugar - 2-3 big pieces, this is to sweeten the outside of the meat

6.  Put in a few of the Star Aniseeds, cinnamon sticks, cloves

7.  Stir it, wait till it boil again, and turn the fire to small fire

8.  Cover it and let it simmer  for 1/2 hour - 1 hour or until the meat is soft

9.  When serving, you can cut the meat into smaller pieces, and put some green onions and pasleys for decorations...


OK, the dish was very good, and my kids loves it, and we finished the whole thing and forgot to take a photo of it.  You get the idea... :)



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