Monday, April 11, 2011

Bangkok Food - I-San Style

Date:  April 8, 2011

After our visit to Jastel (an ISP in Bangkok)... We stopped by the river side, and there was this I-San Restaurant that I was told we must eat.  I-San is a Northern Thai style of food preparation....


From outside, it is nothing.  But the BBQ looks very nice.  This is where they do the Kao-Mo-Yang (BBQ Pork Neck).


A very typical serving from I-San restaurant.  A bamboon basket of rice, lots of basil and leaves, and the salads.  It is very good even when these mix around.


The Thai BBQ Kampong Chicken.  Taste very nice and sweet.


When we walked into the restaurant, almost every table was having this.  This is a type of monster fish.  You can't eat the skin as it is too thick and probably is very poisonous.  But the meat, when they wrapped all the SALT around it (white stuffs outside the fish), and then you BBQ it, wow, the white meat inside is so juicy, a bit salty and very nice.


This is best ...


Of course, you can go without a simple mince pork dish like this...


And the famous BBQ Pork Neck - Kao Mu Yang... A dish that I never missed when I am in Thailand.

Great choice!

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  1. I was at this place the last business trip to Bangkok. It's e-sarn not I-San