Friday, April 22, 2011

Beijng Day#1 - 海底捞火锅

Date:  April 19, 2011

I was attending the Capacity China conference in Beijing.  The first day, my brother in law took me to this huge steam boat restaurant... 海底捞火锅


Apparently, there are many branches in Beijing.  The one we went to is near his apartment at 望京.


It is a very big restaurant.  Yet it is vey pack.  So, when we arrived there, the waiters ask us to sit down, relax, play some chinese chess, eat some peanuts and 王老吉凉茶.  Amazing, there have a lot of waiting table, for you just sit down and play chinese chess, or jumping chess (跳棋).


A typical steam boat restaurant that needs you to mix your own sauces.  Basically, I mixed everything I like...


They even have halal sauces...


Now, the soup based is very nice.  The spicy one not so spicy too, just nice.  But I heard it will become more spicier after boiling for some time.


The service is very good.  They give you hot towels and keep changing the hot towels.  They also protect you cloths and dresses with apron, and covers.  They even give you a glasses cloth to wipe your glasses.  wow, that is what I call service.


Something that you may not get in Singapore.  This is DUCK BLOOD (鸭血).  It looks awful, but once cook, it taste good.


The thousands hair stomach (千毛肚)。  Very nice and chewy.


Of course, the pig intestine (大肠).  Another chewy item.


The beef (bottom) and the beef tongue (upper).  The beef tongue looks exactly like beef slice, but it is a tongue.


Overall, the soup based is really tasty and nice, and the food was fantastic especially those exotic one.  I heard this store originated from Macau or Hong Kong.






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