Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feng Shui - Home Office / Study Room & the Bed

Today, we talked about home office or study room.

Yesterday, I was discussing with my buddy about having a bed inside a home office or study room. Here are some of the collections of thoughts thru our conversations which I think is interesting to share...


1. I don't think one should place a bed in the home office or study room. the reason is very simple. When you work or study, in front of you, you see a bed. There is this seduction force will seduce you to lie down on the bed. So, it will de-focus you, and you will lose concentrations gradually. So, it is no good for career or education. Basically, it will make you lazy.

2. However, if you have no choice and wanted the home office or study room to serve as a guest room when friends or relatives come over. Then, I suggest you put a sofa bed instead.

3. Of course, the buddy argued, he may also sleep on the sofa bed. So, the correct thought is... yes, it is a sofa, and it is comfortable to sleep on it.. But you will sleep on a bed more longer than sleeping on a sofa. So, having a sofa bed is fine if you think it this way. Btw, the sofa of course is a reading corner. So, don't treat it like a bed. But if you use a bed instead, in front of you is a bed. Visualize it and connect it with lazy.

4. My buddy already married and he wanted to have a kid soon. So, my advise to him is to donate the bed away as soon as possible. The reason is very simple. His home office is on 3rd floor. His bed room is on second floor. Sometimes you dozed off and sleep on the bed inside the home office is OK. But if you do it too often, it becomes a habit. So, the lesser he will sleep on the bed in his bedroom with his wife. How can make baby like that? Hahaha... Think further, that means he will spend lesser time with his wife, so, the relationship may become very far... So, it is no good if you are married.

5. Of course, if one is not married, he/she can do whatever he/she wants lar. But when one is married, it is a different story. Especially if his/her job requires to travel a lot, plus do not have a fixed office, then he/she should really think about that bed in the bed room.

Here, I would really hope that my buddy can have a "Rabbit baby" by 2012. :)

As for me, I will make sure my home office or study room will have a sofa bed instead of bed. And the home office or study room will face East for good luck.

Remember, all my thoughts on Feng Shui are not superstitious, but it is purely based on natural thinking and common sense. I only believe in common sense. My buddy told me that during his younger days, he is sort of rejecting Feng Shui by coming up with scientific method to proof it wrong. So, I said to him, try the reverse way, use the scientific method and common sense to make some sense out of Feng Shui. Once you thought about it, and if it make sense, and it will make you feel better, then, that is what I call Feng Shui... Good Luck...

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