Monday, January 2, 2012

New Feng Shui Stuff

Date:  Jan 2, 2012


Warning! Only read this blog if you feel comfortable to read.  For whatever reason, or religious reason that If you don't like the content, please skip to the next blog.  Please do not pass me a CD to tell me "Why I should not be superstitious in Feng Shui."  哈哈哈!

It is just like cooking steak. I like to eat what I cook! So, believing and practising Feng Shui is part of me.  I like what I like to believe.  I like to be myself, and I like to control my life with my own brain.   :)

Flying Stars

The flying stars charts for 2012 has changed.  This is a snapshot from Lilian Too's Flying Stars chart.  Please take note of the the 5 Yellow Misfortune Star is at the Southeast of your home, the Violent Star has moved to the Northwest, and the illness Star is now at the North.  So, you got to protect these places.  OK.  You can use either the whole house as the direction, or you can base it on your Living room.  Since I don't spent a lot of times last year (2011) in my living room, so, I normally based it on the whole house.

Of course, take note of the Auspicious Wealth Star, where you need to enhance and activate that direction.  Also, the Scholastic Star and the Favourable Heaven Star.  Try to activate these area so that you can expect some wealth into the family.

Remember, this is what you choose to believe, activate the area, so that you do not have any excuse to blame on, and then, set your own target and goals, and ciong!  Fortune will not drop from the sky.  It does not mean that once you activate the enhancement, and you do nothing about it.  So, you have to work hard and earn it.


When Should I do it?

Today is Jan 2, 2012.  It is a "Dog Day" today.  And the auspicious timing is 9AM to 11AM.  So, that is why I choose today and the timing to re-do my Feng Shui setting.  Almost everything from last year has to be shifted or changed.

A lot of people will say, why you choose to change all these now?  It is not yet Chinese New Year.  Here is the reason - 冬大过年.  Basically, you can change the Feng Shui Setting after 冬至.  No issues.  To me, a new year and a new beginning.


Favourable Heaven Star at the Center

The center of my home happens to be the TV Console area.  So, displaying a 6 smooth blessing coins to enhance the good fortune luck for 2012.  Since I will be spending more time this year sitting on my sofa, this 六六大顺 will remind me to work hard the next day afte today's rest.


Auspicious Wealth Star at the West

This is hte new double dragon with a cyrstal ball that I have bought.  My sofa and massage chair is sitting at the West area of my home.  So, my water features will go there.  This is to have lots of good luck, good fortune and happiness.

I did not reuse back the fountain I had last year, as I think it is more apporpriate to have a double dragons during the new water dragon year.


Violent Star is sitting at the Northwest

I have used this blue Rhino and Elephant for straight 3 years.  This year, I need to place this at the Northwest area, and it is going to look out to the balcony.

This is a powerful remedy to counter this violent star that usually brings bad luck.


For extra protection, I reuse this 5 Element Pagoda and place it at the balcony area which is at the Northwest.  Don't forget to change the soil inside the 5 element pagoda.


illness Star at the North

I tied a small silver Wu Lu 葫芦 at the window of the Children room which is build in the North direction.  Hope this remedy will give us more good health energy.


5 Yellow Misfortune Star is at the Southeast

Again, use a 5 element pagoda to protect this area.  Hope the bad luck all go away.


Romance & Scholastic Star at the East

Jay Jay is going to have a study table in the study room.  So, I place a Cyrstal Globe with Wisdom Mantra here to enhance the education luck.  :)


That's it.  Very simple changes, and hope it is enough to bring good health and wealth into the family.

Last year was a very good year for me and the family except that we have a bit of hiccups in our health.  So, this year (2012) will be more health protection.  That means, doing more exercise, eat more healthy.

Ok.  This year going to be a Dragon year.  And it is in conflict with the Dog.  So, anticipate that it is not going to be a smooth ride this year, but keep doing whatever you have been doing, and may this year going to be a good year for all the dog persons.

Hope everyone has a good year this year!

Don't forget to set a goal for yourself this year, and make it happen!  Remember, you control your own life not others.  Be yourself, believe in yourself, and do it yourself!

Also, whenever you felt tired... that means you have over work.  So, take a break and enjoy life


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  1. Hi Ken,

    Thank you for the insights.
    This year is the dragon year and being a dragon, I need to ensure that I put in the necc. remedies.

    Here's to a great year!