Sunday, February 13, 2011

The making of Liew Kee Lap-Cheong Chicken Rice (廖记腊味鸡饭)

Here is how you make the tasty Liew Kee Lap-Cheong Chicken Rice


Step 1.  Marinate the chicken.  Use a bit of salt, a bit of sugar, a bit of soya sauce, a bit of chinese wine, a bit of oyster sauce, a bit of sesame oil, a bit of starch, etc anything you can think of to marinate your chicken.  Get fresh fat chicken from the wet market.  We need the oily fat to bring chicken taste into the rice.  Marinate it for half a day la.  (we are free in the morning, and then go shopping, and come back at evening).  Put marinated chicken in your fridge.


Step 2.  Prepare 3-5 small onions, 3-5 small garlics, 1 big onion, and a piece of ginger.  Dice the onions and garlic.  Cut the ginger into really thin strips slices, etc.  And the heat your wok.  Pour enough oil in the wok, let it heat up more, put everything (onion, garlic, ginger) into it, stir it, change to small fire to slow heat it.  爆香.


Step 3.  I used 五加皮酒腊肠.  Normally can get the lap cheong from Giant supermarket.  I used grade A dried mushroom.  Those that grow on wood.  In the morning, soak the mushroom in hot water (a big bowl).  DO NOT THROW AWAY THE mushroom water.  As we need it to cook the rice later.  Cut the mushroom into slices.  Cut the lap cheong into slices.


Step 4.  After you fried the onions, ginger & garlic (when they turned golden color), add in the Chicken.  Stir fry it.  (for 30sec to 1min).  The aim is not to cook the chicken.


Step 5.  Add the lap cheong & the mushroom and continue stir fry it for another 30sec to 1min.


Step 6.  Add DARK SOYA SAUCE (salty one or sweet one is fine).  Stir fry it for another 30sec-1min.


Step 7.  Forgot to tell you that you need to soak your white rice in water for 5min or so.  Do this before you start cooking.  Then, remove all the water, and then pour the white rice into the wok.  I prepare 4 cups of rice for 1 whole chicken.


Step 8.  Stir fry for another 1min or so.  Until the rice covered by dark soya sauce.  Then, turn off the stove.  Prepare your rice cooker.


Step 9.  How much water you should add.  Rule of thumb:  The water should cover slightly your fingers.  That is the height of water (remember?  you got MUSHROOM WATER) you should add.  Use this rule be it when you use rice cooker, clay pot or a pot on the stove, never go wrong (even cooking white rice).  But make sure you pad the rice, chicken nicely flat before you check with your hand.  Start cooking!


Step 10.  After mid way (10min?), go check the rice cooker, and stir the chicken rice.  So that you do not have very dry rice on top.  and let the rice cooker continue cooking.  And then, you add what every decor you need.  Green onions, chinese parsley and fried onions (you can buy this from Cold Storage).



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  1. Very nice. Looks almost like clay pot chicken. Must try making soon. Thanks chef Ken!