Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Pomegranate Magic

I think It was October where we decided to go ahead to "try" to produce a baby Ox (Year 2009 is Ox year). It is close to year end, and bosses are chasing for numbers, stress came from all over places... So, like most of the modern days human couples, the first few tries failed to deliver. The same goes to one of our good couple friend. They too are trying...

It was Christmas season, and it was time to shop for presents. One fine day, I walked into the WOFS (World Of Feng Shui) shop at Vivo, and I've got an idea. I asked the Feng Shui Consultant there, "Is there any thing that I can display, and raise the confidence of making baby?" Then, he brought me to this corner, and show me the this...


Pomegranate (abstract from

The pomegranate is a wonderfully auspicious fruit. An average fruit is slightly bigger than a baseball, it comes in various Yang shades ranging from yellows to reds. When opened up, it reveals plenty of sweet, fleshy seeds. This symbolizes the luck of many offspring, which is why the pomegranate fruit is regarded as a symbol of fertility. It is said to create the kind of descendants' luck that gives you many sons, all filial and respectable, with a successful future ahead of them.

The auspicious pomegranate also symbolizes a happy family that is blessed with good and filial children who will each grow up to bring honor and glory to the family. When a mother eats a pomegranate fruit during the New Year, it is said that she can expect to give birth to sons during the course of the year.

pomegranate2.jpg pomegranate.jpg

Many Chinese parents advise their young newly-wed second generation to display a painting or a carving of a pomegranate in their bedroom to create the luck of having many healthy children.

Without any doubts, I bought two back. Wrapped it up and one gave to my wife, and the other gave to the Tang's family (our good couple friend). We all had fun at a house warming + Christmas party at the Lee's mansion. I gave the present to Tang family, and told them to place this at the table beside the bed, and don't ask me any question.

It was New Year Eve, and we have decided to have another party at Tang's place this time. I brought my Sony HandyCam, and recorded down everybody's new year wishes. As you can guessed, our wish is to have a baby girl. So as the Tangs family.

In Feb 2009, just before another couple friend - The Teng & Toh's engagement proposal party, we found out that the pomegranate works, and both my wife and Mrs. Tang are pregnant, and the due dates is 3 days apart.

Baby Kay is born on August 21 (pre-matured), and Baby Justin is born on September 22 (full 40 weeks term).

IMG_0498.jpg terrencejustin.jpg

So, here is my conclusion... The pomegranate was a funny gifts. So, when a couple receive it, first they will ask "why receive such weird present...", then, they will start making fun, "hey, look, what does this looks like, looks like two balls dangling below, hahahahahah", then, the mood comes, and then, the pomegranate magic begun....

Don't believe, go buy one and display it beside your bed! FYI, all the WoFS shop in Singapore run out of stocks for this item. Good luck!

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