Friday, August 28, 2009

Me & Feng Shui

I was having lunch with my brother and a friend the other day. My brother, went to church since young, always asking my mom why I am so "superstitious" and so in to Feng Shui. The other friend, have a new found ambition to become a Feng Shui master, and he has paid thousands of dollars to take part in the Feng Shui courses (in English as he Chinese is not that good). So, since I am with them, I decided to give both of them a lesson on the Feng Shui that I knew.


Feng Shui is something like science. Feng Shui is being around for many thousands of years. So, thru out the years, of course, mankind trying to perfect the knowledge by adding a lot of schools of knowledge and thoughts in it. So, if anytime you think that certain Feng Shui tips does not make sense, you can choose to discard the knowledge. For example, some pointing arrows from other building are pointing at your apartment, some Feng Shui master will do a lot of stuffs and put a "San Hai Zhen" (山海阵)or "Ba-Gua" mirror just to reflect it. Well, if you come to think about it? Does this really make any sense at all? Nope. So, you can choose not to carry out this Feng Shui remedy. How can a mirror do the magic to change the fate? It is not scientific at all!!! As you can guess, I don't believe these remedies.

Feng Shui is not about believing everything you learn from Lilian Too's or others' Feng Shui books. It is like a philosophy, who you choose to learn from. Do you want to believe in Kong-Zi (孔子)or Lao-Zi (老子)teachings, or you want to believe in Bush or Obama political views. It is all about thoughts. Who you want to learn from? What do you want to learn? And all these will form the basic of you! Most importantly does it make any sense at all?

I believe we all live in a "Matrix" which is created by Aliens. Aliens planting clues all over the place so to make us think all the time, and evolve. As you can guess, I like the movie - Matrix. We are all living in a big huge "Sim City". All fates and all destiny are fixed. I am talking nonsense here, and I am making no sense. The mankind is evolving on top of languages and math. Who created English, and who discover math? What can you tell from the following statement... (which I got from my twitter friend)

Eleven plus two == Twelve plus one (i.e. 11 + 2 == 12 + 1)

Do you ever notice that the addition of the english alphabets on both sides are the same as well (count how many alphabets and why are the alphabets on both sides adds up to the same, same set of alphabets, sound number of alphabets i.e. 13 alphabets). Now, this is getting very freaky! As you can guess, I like the movie - "Thirteen Floor". Especially when the actor drive his car to the end of the edge/world and discover the green and black computer grid and found out that he (the actor) is just a computer program that has thoughts, just like the one in SIM city. This is just a fantasy side of me. and It has nothing to do with Feng Shui. Now, back to Feng Shui. So, what do I believe?

1) If you sit in my car, you see the "blue Rhino" hanging just under my mirror. Lilian Too's says, put a blue Rhino in the car so to avoid accidents. Normal people, go to WOFS shop buy and put it. That is superstitious. Me - put some thoughts on it, and try to make some sense out of it, the scientific way. So, as you drive your car, and when you drive so fast, it builds up momentum in the blue rhino. A slight shift in directions, the blue rhino will shake. If it shakes violently, hey buddy, you are driving to fast. Put one hand on the wheel, and the other hand to hold the blue rhino so to calm it down. So, what happens here? The blue rhino actually will warn you, and put your thoughts together again and think why are you driving so fast. Slow down. So, it cuts down possibilities of accident. So, is this science or Feng Shui?

2) I love to eat. I love to hunt places to eat. So, I need to drive out to eat. I also know eating the wrong food will invite bad illness. So, how do I warn myself of this? From any fengshui book, carry a "Hu-lu" (葫芦)with you. So, I found this cute little colorful Hu-lu that fits into my car keys. So, I carry the hu-lu around with me all the time. Whenever I reach for the car keys I will see the colorful hu-lu and thus reminded me not to eat too much. I got health problems.... So, does this make sense?

3) Why you do not position your bed too close to the toilet in your room. Toilet is a dirty place. You wash, you clean up, you shit in the toilet. So, the air may not be a good air. So, make sure your toilet has enough ventilations (i.e. windows). And do not sleep with your head facing the toilet. As other people open the toilet door, the dirty air (bad Chi) will flow into your face. You do not want to get sick, by breath in these bad air. Does it make sense? Is it science or Feng Shui?

4) Lilian Too says buy a "Thousands Birds" pictures and hang it at your relationship corner. So, I did that. And guess what? A lot of people saw the pictures and asked what is it? So, there goes the conversation. And there goes the interactions. So, it is just like magic. But I treated it like a conversation piece. Something to talk about. After the talk, high chances that you feel good.

So, as times goes by, people thought I am very superstitious, so keep on buying these Feng Shui presents for me. So, I just keep adding my collections of conversation pieces. Just to keep these positive interaction Chi going on.

After hearing all these, my brother eyes were big. He did not know that there are so much theory behind this Feng Shui. I am not saying that he will start learning Feng Shui, but at least, I get him to learn that I am not those superstitious guy who blindly believe in Feng Shui without thinking. And I am sure he is not going to bother me again telling me that why I am so superstitious, etc etc.

As for my friend. I told him, he has much to learn about Feng Shui. But if he wanted to choose this path. He has to really think thru what is he learning, and how all these Feng Shui knowledge works and interacts with our surrounding. I told him to believe things that he thinks is making sense. And thus perhaps he can create his own style in 1 year time. My last questions for him is.....

a. What car are you driving now?

b. What house are you living in now?

c. Do you consider yourself as successful?

So, after 1 year later, he has to ask all these questions again and again. Why? If you want to become a Feng Shui master, first, you must make changes to your life. And if these changes can make you happy, successful, then you already succeeded. I merely giving the example for him to set his own target and goals. If he is successful, he will be driving big cars staying in big houses and have lots of successful stories to tell. Then, he is qualify to become a Feng Shui master than. If after 1 year, he is still driving his small car, living in small HDB flat, I don't know about you, but will I choose to believe what he want to share about Feng shui if he can't even improve his own life? May be I am a bit too cruel.

As a summary, Feng Shui is about science. Must always think about it before you practise. And the most important thing is You gets to control it. Don't let Feng Shui take over you.

Have fun!!!!

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