Sunday, February 19, 2012

How Dirty is Our Water Supply?

Date:  Feb 19, 2012

Yes, I know.  We should not drink too clean water!

But, wait until you see this, and you tell me what do you think.

What is this?  This is a water filter where I filter my incoming water supply.  And this is how it looks after 2-3 months time.  (can't really remember when exactly I changed).


A brand new filter looks like this.  White White one!  The water supply from the main tap in front of my apartment (i.e. condo) goes into the filter, and it filtered out small little dirty particles.  You can buy this from Xin Xiang Jun or any hardware store.


I have been using this for 12 years.  I asked the contractor to install the water filter systems that looks like this.


And you simply use this tool, to unscrew it.  (i.e. clockwise direction to unscrew).IMG_4389.jpg

It is very easy to change the filter.  And you decide how long you want to change it.


Take a good look at the water supply from this country.  In my opinion, I think it is much better than Malaysia one.  But hey, this is Singapore we are talking about.  We have "New Water" and it suppose to be clean, OK!?

Just look at the water with all these rusty particles inside.


For 2-3 months, the filter becomes this color.  It trapped most of the particles.


OK.  To be fair, may be the water is good enough to drink.  These rusty particles will not harm your body.  But I think otherwise.  I want as few of these chemicals or materials to be inside my body.


After cleaning it, and put in a new filter.  This is a great feeling.


Compare to this.  Eweeeeeeeee....


My main drinking water is filtered after this filter at the main tap, followed by Diamond Water system.  I have used it from almost 12 years now.  But if your home does not any of these two filters... may be you want to rethink about it.  :)



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  1. It’s hard not to think about how dirty our drinking water could get if they were not filtered. That filter's color doesn’t only scream 'dirt', but of possible illness a person might get. But your filtration system looks very reliable. It certainly trapped all the dirt, and kept it from going with the water. Cheers!

    Verna Griffin @ Axeon Water Technologies