Saturday, June 8, 2013

民宿3 - 三芝熊 (Bed & Breakfast)

Date: June 5, 2013

Our third bed & breakfast (民宿) is located at 淡水三芝. This is where Taiwanese ex-president's (李登辉) home town.

It is not far from 淡水. About 15 minutes from 淡水.

They have about 10 rooms. I think they are just a "bed & breakfast" property management. Their job is to bring the guest to the "property" and introduce the facility. Take a look at the name card, they decorate the room into a lot of different style. Mostly are for couples.

All located in this 淡水湾 Condo.

Outside (yesterday afternoon) view, you can see sea. Great place.

This is the condo entrance. You can clearly see that it is a condo.

This is the condo where 三芝熊 located.

Another look at the sea before sunset.

My friend's took this unit, this is their living room. As you can see there is a bear there. One of the special feature is that they have big bears in their room. Err... I won't recommend any one to hug the bear though. Beause you don't know how long these bears has been there, and how much dust are there. hahaha

This is the bed of one of the room.

Wow, this bed & breakfast does not come with "breakfast" but they do supply instant noodles and coke, and water.

There is kitchen sinks too just in case you need to cook.

More bears.

The accommodation also come with free WiFi too.

One of the issues we found here is that this 民宿 is near the beach and thus, it has a lot of mosquitos. You will find quite a number of anti-mosquito devices here.

Another bear on the swing. No wonder it is called 三芝熊.

There is a lot of residences staying here.

The place is big, it is like a service apartment.

Besides bear, you can find mini mouse and Mickey Mouse too.

This is our bed room. Can put 5 people here.

Early in the morning. There are a lot of clouds and thus the view of the sky and sea are sometimes not so great.

The TV is not too bad. Comes with cable TV channel.

The owner try very hard to decorate the place.

OK. I don't really like the place. But the good thing is it has a good sea view. So, when you wake up, you can see the big ocean, your also feel really good about it. :)

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