Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Date: June 3, 2013

清境 is just like Cameron Highland. One of rule that the government have here is the government only allows "Bed & Breakfast" hotels to be build here instead of a real hotel.

On the first two nights, we stay in this 欧风小镇民宿.

The stay was great. Here is a photo taken together with the owner. You can see how happy our face.

So, we are on the way going north. We stopped by a place to take some great photos. Here you can find a lot of European style of Bed and Breakfast hotel. One of the rule for such hotel is, the owner must stay in this hotel, and usually they are the one that cook the breakfast for guest. And the maximum room that they can build is 15 rooms.

This is Old England. 老英格兰. It is one of the expensive 民宿.

And it actually imitate the Big Ben clock in London.

Take a look at the craftsmanship. Wow! It looks like a real thing.

And it sits on top of the hill makes her looks so magnificient.

Next time got money, sure stay here. HaHaHa

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