Wednesday, June 5, 2013

小人国 - 好像哦!

Date: June 4, 2013

After the water dam 石门水坝, we brought the kids to 小人国 (Small People World). This is one of the theme park that the owner's interests is to build small little model of buildings that you can find in Taiwan. Later, when he decided to expands, he build more mini landmarks of the world and comes with a water park and theme park.

This is the 高铁 bullet train.

This blog entry shows you some of amazing down scale models which looks very real.

Look at the traffic on this highway.

Now, put in the giant humans, you still can see the cars and trucks is like a real thing. hahaha

HaHaHa... We spotted a lot of Giant koi fish. hahaha The model is small size, but the koi fish in the pond grew to become monster fish.

Wow... Look at Jay Jay.

He now becomes the monster in Ultraman show.

Quick... sent the helicopter.

Important landmark in Taipei.

The kids love to see the mechanical moment of ship moving, cars moving, etc. There were trills by what they have seen.

Taj Mahal.

Some old houses in China.

Some temple.

Now, we go Japan.

This is one of the famous Japanese temple.

I think this is the samurai general palace.

Another Japanese temple.

Pisa tower.

Some Cathedral.


小人国 is indeed a nice place to visit when you are at 桃园. Luckily it was quite a gloomy day when we visit, so that it is not too hot and not too exhausting.

But 小人国 is not only having these small building models. It comes with a children theme park too. In the next blog entry you will find why our kids are so happy having fun here.

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