Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bangkok: Siam Ocean World

Date:  June 28, 2013

Last week, on a perfect Sunday afternoon, we arrived at Siam Paragon.  

So, it says "The biggest Aquarium in South East Asia".

IMG 3463

It is a good place to bring the kids.  But the lighting of the Aquarium is a bit dark.  

IMG 3464

It is a Aquarium, but they allow you ride a boat with glass bottom in the huge tank.  This is the tank they hold the sharks.  I took a quick look, and decided to move on.  With 5 excited kids, not a good idea.  hahahaha 

IMG 3472

Some of the fish here are huge.  This is Conrad comparing his height against the big fish.

IMG 3479

This fish looks like dragon fly.

IMG 3475

This is a very ancient species of toad?

IMG 3477

Their big aquarium viewing screen is not as big as Sentosa's one.  No wonder Sentosa claims the "largest viewing panel" in a aquarium in South East Asia.

IMG 3482

Here comes the main attractions.  A couple of sharks.

IMG 3485

This Tuk Tuk is very funny.  It has a fish tank behind.

IMG 3486

And of course, kids loves it.

IMG 3492

Overall, It is nice to have an aquarium in a shopping more.  It is new, the kids can talk about it.  And it is a real aquarium.  Not small also.  Quite big also.  And the mommys can shop and eat at Paragon too.  Not to forget about the 4DX cinema on top.



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