Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cook with Owen - Braised Pork Leg Bee Hoon

Date:  Oct 6, 2013

Yesterday I got a mega party, a birthday celebration for both Jay & Riyandi.  So, my wife says, cook 4 packs of Bee Hoon.  So, let's get to work.

Half way, Nicole's brother Owen drop in.  He is a P3 student.  He saw Uncle Ken (me) is cooking, he says "Can I tried?"  

Of course, I said, yes.  

What a happy kid.

Detail Steps of cooking can be found here ya!

1.  Put a layer of sesame oil to cover the iCook wok.  A think layer will do.  You can use the kitchen tower to wipe it.

2.  Put hands full of onion shallots and garlic at the bottom layer.

3.  Place marinated pork belly meat on top of onion and garlic.

4.  Place Chinese sausages next.

5.  Place lots of veggies (cabbage) on top of it as shown in the photo below.  

6.  Soak the Bee Hoon for 10 minutes.

7.  Next, place the bee hoon into the wok on top of the veggies.

 IMG 9032

8.  Distributed the bee hoon nicely.

IMG 9035

9.  Add the shrimps on it.  You know shrimp is very easy cook.  That is why I put on top. 

IMG 9036

10.  If you want to, you can add a lot more shrimp in there.  Like this.  hahaha

IMG 9048

11.  Next, you pour a packet of Chicken Soup into it.

IMG 9038

12. Next you pour in the a can of Braised Pork Leg.

IMG 9040

13.  To make the color nice, add dark soya sauce.

IMG 9042

14.  To make it taste better, add in abalone sauce.

IMG 9043

15.  Good work Owen! Now, turn on the fire.  Medium fire, and go rest for 8-10 minutes.

IMG 9044

16.  When iCook wok is heated, it will distribute the heat.  And it will not "mess up" your food or any ingredient you put in.

So, 10 minutes later.  When you are able to spin the iCook cover, that means your dish is fully cooked.

See, your abalone sauce is still there as it is.  Of course you cannot present this.

IMG 9028

17.  Here comes the only hard work.  Just now is like lego, building the blocks.  Now, you need to use chopsticks and spatula to stir a bit.

By simply using the chop sticks to pull up the bee hoon, so that the sauces below with dark sauce color can help you "COLOR" the bee hoon.  After doing that a few times, your bee hoon color looks marvellous.

IMG 9046

18.  See how the color evenly distributed?  HaHaHa… You cover it further so that it can cook for another 3-4 min.

IMG 9029

19.  So, you then cover it with pan friend eggs.  When you put the bee hoon in the bowl, always use a chopsticks so that all the ingredients will fall below.  Then, you can pour all ingredients on top of the bee hoon which looks very nice and professional.

IMG 9030


So, who say Kids cannot cook?

Congrats to Owen that he has learned how to cook a pot of delicious bee hoon.  He likes it a lot.

I hope all the guest loves this dish too.  HaHaHaHa.

Remember, click the link to see the full recipe.

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