Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kay Swimming - The Saga Continue

Date:  Oct 1, 2013

If you remember, two days ago, Kay Kay was still crying and afraid of water.

Finally, at the end of the classes, I made him happy.  And less afraid of the water.

So, we brought him down on Sunday for a swim.

Today, after Jay's tennis class, we brought him down to swim again.

It is very important in building his confident.  The more that he do, the more he will be confident with.

Thru practise, then, he will become totally confident with water.


Of course, you still need to hold him a while.


But today, most of the time, he is HAPPY, and he can swim on the float on his own.  YEAH!


Today, we make sure he kicked both legs.


The best is he can kick and splash.  

You know, when he swim with Jay Jay, Jay Jay of course is faster.  And being faster, he gets to kick his legs in front of him and splash his face with water.

So, we teach Kay Kay to practise more so that next time, he can swim faster than his brother, and splash his face with water kicking from his legs.  HaHaHa


I also taught him that in any cases that he fell into the water, look for the pool edge, swim towards it and hold on to the edge there.


The game is called "Spider man".  So, from the pool side, you crawl like spider and reach the other end.


And of course, he loves to be like spider man.


More kicking practise.  Make sure his leg is kicking and build the muscle.


Hopefully by half a year time, he can do this.  Just like his brother.


Jay Jay doing funny face under water.


You know he hated this a lot.  But, no choice, he has to continue learn how to do this on his own.

So, I put this at the end of the swim, and requested him to dive 2-3 times on his own.


He just happily do it.


So, this is the third consecutive we hit the pool.  Our aim is to make Kay Kay not to afraid of the water.

And I felt we have done it.  And Kay Kay actually adapt to it and start to fall in love in swimming.

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