Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tree Top Walk - 3 Years Later

Date:  Oct 5, 2013

Our last visit here is June 20, 2010.  It was three years ago.  

IMG 1726

At that time, Jay Jay was almost 4.  And Kay Kay is 1 plus.  So, 700+ steps / stairs are way too much for them.

IMG 1754

And walking back to the car @ Venus Drive is way too far for these two little brothers.

So, I end up carrying both of them, one front one back and walk all the way back to the car park.  Not to mention about the stairs that I carried them.  HaHaHa.

Terrifying.  Tiring.

IMG 1725


We are back!  The Liew Boys are back with their friends.

IMG 8820

This time, we park our car at SICC.  

IMG 8817

Save about 2.5KM each way back and from the Venus Drive.

IMG 8821

The kids are definitely happy.

IMG 8867

Wow!  Dragonfly.

IMG 8831

Thanks Anna for taking good care of Kay Kay.

IMG 8834

Are you tired Master. Liew?

IMG 8836

Come on team, follow me.

IMG 8844

We are here!  Tree Top Walk.

IMG 8848

Here come the rest of the team.

IMG 8854

You know last time, my Daddy carry me all the way here and all the way back!

IMG 8860

OK.  700+ steps here we come!

IMG 8877

Photo taking time!

IMG 8879

Oh boy!  Every one is hungry.

IMG 8878

Yeah!  We made it!

IMG 8883

Congrats!  We all made it!

IMG 8884

Thank you Nicole for taking care of Kay Kay!

IMG 8886

Nicole:  Next time when I am the Minister of Education, I will set first 2 periods are Computer lesson.  2 periods PE, then recess time… etc

Jay:  No.. no… when I am the Minister of Education, the whole day will be computer lessons.

(kids talk).

IMG 8890

After the walk, we rest and had nice lunch.

IMG 8895

Then, we have fun at the Bowling alley.

IMG 8906

Mommy teaching Kay Kay bowling.

IMG 8913

Kung Fu style bowling.

IMG 8919

I got spare!

IMG 8930


IMG 8937

Competitive games.

IMG 8945

Second team.

IMG 8946

not bad not bad.

Happy Children's Day.

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