Monday, July 25, 2011

Home Networking: Why My Aztech HL280e Keep Going Down...

Date:  Date 25, 2011

In my home, after SingTel enter my place via Openet, I uses Aztech HL280E to bring the big Internet pipe back to my Network cabinet where all my switches and routers are stored (without ugly cables).  Lately, I found myself to reset the Homeplug/PLC quite often which is unusual due to lost of signals, etc.  And I think I just found out why....


Few weeks ago, my wife bring to my attention of a thing that she did.  She said, "your network cabinet is very warm and hot".  I think it is your router that generate a lot of heat.  I have installed this cooling fan to cool down your Aztech HomePlug adapter.


Then, 1 week later, she said with a smile, "I have used your Moshi Zefyr Cooling Pad" to cool down your Dlink Router."

And Indeed, my network cabinet is really cooler.  But then, it started to give some problem, from time to time, I will loss the signal from the Fiber ONT to my Switch.  And I did not suspect anything, until I read this article below...

IT IS THE FAN that is causing all this, I suspect.  Because HomePlug is very sensitive to power noise generated from hair dryers, fan, etc.  And I just got 2 fans, plug into the same power adapter with the PLC/HomePlug equipment.  Today, I am going to take out the fans and see whether the network is down again or not.

Here is the images from the HomePlug 101 (In Chinese).  Quite informative.  Enjoy.... The original blog posting is at this URL...


Homeplug 01

Homeplug 02

HomePlug 03

HomePlug 04

HomePlug 05

HomePlug 06

Homeplug 07with comment

HomePlug 08


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  1. Wow! Thanks for this awesome piece of advice. My Aztech Powerline was kicking around and randomly dropping out but after I isolated the unit to a single power socket for itself, the dropouts stopped. :) Regards from Singapore!