Saturday, July 16, 2011

Visit to Asian Civilizations Museum

Date: July 16, 2011

We went to the Asian Civilization Museum today.


It's hard to find where to park.  So, we park at the Parliament House car park and walk 5 minutes to the ACM.  OK.  Its going to be challenging to explain Terracotta Warriors to Jay Jay, not to mention Kay Kay.  But let's do it anyway.  Thanks uncle James and auntie Jasmine for the museum pass.


I told you so, they are so advanced ... the Qing people already know how to use laptop back then...


The Qing woman also carrying Kate Spade bag...


This is the time you can "smoke" your kid, as you don't wish to mentioned about coffin, death, etc etc.  So simply made up some story that is as close as the real thing will do... Kay Kay, you know they make all these and then they keep it safe underground...


Got to love these small small stand exhibition light.  It looks cute and does the purpose.


Oh ya... one of the fun things you do with your toddler kid is to bring them to do the stamping of the exhibits.  In our case, we have to go to the reception to pick up one of these stamping kit, and then walk the whole museum to hunt for the chops.  And we also queue up for 20 minutes to go into the Terracotta exhibits area to get 4 chops there.


Here are the complete set.


OK, let's try to visit all the museum in Singapore in a couple of weeks time.


The warriors...


The sword...


The animals...


The riders...


The kneel down warrior...


The Woman...


Oh ya... ACM got a iPhone App to download, and you can walk in the museum and use it to explain to you the exhibits.  But I could not get it download, as inside the Museum, the 3G signal is weak, and the Wirelesss@SG is sucks big time!!! hahaha But I do see a lot of iPhone users are having fun with it... it seems like they came to this museum to enjoy using that App.  Interesting...

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