Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fruits Wholeseller - Where is it?

Date: July 9, 2011

Today, I eat this for my lunch.


These white cherry just flown in.  I also take some of these fresh Thailand mangosteen as lunch too.  But we buy this from other store.  Later I tell you why we cannot eat too many these Thailand mangosteen.


And the lychee is very sweet...


So, where do I buy these fruits from?  Its from 230, Pandan Loop.

Screen shot 2011-07-09 at PM 01.17.57.png

It is like a factory area, and a lot of container park there.


We have been buying fresh fruits from this wholesale fruits uncle many years.  Especially those lovely white cherries.


We call the uncle, ask him got white cherries or not.  He said "Yes!" So, when we arrived at his place 10 minutes later, a box of white cherries is already prepared for us.  His desk is at lot 8-10.


I don't know how many KG is this, but I do know that compare to the $25 small little pack from Cold Storage, this is much worth it.  Much cheaper.


Oh, its a handpick white cherries.  Like this box is S$100 per box.  I think you can do 8-10 small packet like what they sell in Cold Storage.  And the cherries just landed few hours ago.   They are actually on their way to all the fruit stores or supermarket.  We happen to intercept 1 box of it.


Didn't know its call Rainier Cherries (Jumbo Size).  Oh, its 5KG of it.  That is very cheap.  $20 per KG.


This box of mangosteen is 9KG too.  I think it is $20.

We loves to eat fruits.  The quantity we consumed is huge.  :)  So that is why we buy our fruits from the wholeseller.  :)

Extra Tips from the uncle.

1)  Why you buy the Thailand Mangosteen.  Next time don't buy.  We actually bought it from another store beside the uncle store.  But this uncle keep telling us not to buy.  I think it has something to do with ingredients they put to ripe the mangosteen.  OK, this shall be my last Thai Mangosteen.

2)  He also asked us not to buy Longan.  I think it should be the same.

3)  He don't sell these two.

4)  It is safe to eat (FOR NOW), the lychee.

See ... the uncle got some few tips for us to eat fruits.  :)  enjoy!



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